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DIY Dish Scrubber Pad (from mesh produce bags)

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I swear this is NOT turing into a foodie blog, but you never know when inspiration is going to strike. In this case, it happened in my kitchen. 🙂

After my recent culinary disaster, I decided to cook a super-delish Sunday dinner for me & the fella. I settled on Coq Au Vin. This classic from Mastering the Art of French Cooking is simply THE best way to prepare chicken that I have ever discovered.

One of the ingredients, other than chicken, cognac, mushrooms, carrots, and wine (hence the vin), are these little guys:

mesh bag of pearl onions
If this was a food blog, this would be the part where I tell you to blanch pearl onions before trying to peel them, because they practically peel themselves. But of course, this is NOT a food blog.

As I began cooking, I was filled with increasing dread at the amount of dishes I would have to wash later.

Especially when I noticed the terrible condition of my dish scrubber.

old dirty dish scrubber

Wait a sec…this looks vaguely familiar…

close up of mesh produce bag
Do you see where I’m going here?

Those plastic onion mesh bags are about to start a new life as Dish Scrubbers!

I folded each of them inside each other, making sure the raw edge was firmly tucked inside.

I ended up with this!

A side-by side comparison
A side-by side comparison

My Coq Au Vin turned out wonderfully.

coq au vin in pot
Comfort food!
coq au vin in bowl
Served with herbed potatoes steamed in butter. Mmmmmnnn…butter.

And thanks to my new eco-friendly dish scrubbers, cleanup was a breeze!

using diy dish scrubber pad
It did the trick!
diy dish scrubber pad in frog shaped sponge holder
DIY Dish Scrubber Pad (from mesh produce bags)
MUCH cleaner!

I’m quite happy with this sustainable solution to my scrubby situation.

And I promise to get back to fashion tomorrow. 🙂


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