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A Sweater Made Better

Basket Case
Infinity...not as long as you might think.

Today’s piece didn’t cost a thing.  🙂  I went through a pile of sweaters my fella no longer wanted, and found this guy:

A Sweater Made Better 2

As you can clearly see…this thing is huuuuuge!  Not a prob.  I’m going need all of its length, but that width is gonna have to go for what I have in mind.

First off, I turned the sweater inside-out and backwards, with the V-neck now in the back.  I pulled my arms through the neck of the sweater, and safety-pinned it down the sides where I wanted it to fit a good bit snugger.

A Sweater Made Better 3
Do you see where I’m going with this?

Then, I ran each side through my machine.  Sometimes when you’re working with sweaters, you’ll have to change your needle to a ball point, but luckily for me, my trusty all-purpose one worked just fine.  🙂

A Sweater Made Better 4
Sewing just inside the pins…

Now that I had new side seams, it was time to let all that bulk go!

A Sweater Made Better 5
You stupid bastard…you haven’t got any arms left!

Finally, I turned the whole thing right-side out and slipped it on over a long-sleeved grey tee.  After tossing on a silver belt and a few accessories, I was all set!

A Sweater Made Better 6
Oh hai sweater dress!

My new sweater dress was perrrrfect for the chilly evening, as well as the cozy Pasta Fresca, where some of my friends surprised this sweet fella (well…sort of surprised) him for his birthday!

A Sweater Made Better 7
Happy Birthday, sweetness!


Basket Case
Infinity...not as long as you might think.

6 thoughts on “A Sweater Made Better”

  1. Great refashion – I love this! I just “found” you and am catching up on all the old stuff. Can’t wait to see what is next!

  2. cripes, you did it again! I have some huge 80’s men’s sweaters that I bought to make into scarves. I did make a few, but hey, I could do this with one of them! You are amazing. Who would see a cute strapless dress in a humongous ugly sweater! Thanks again.


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