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A Too Darn Hot No-Sew Dress Refashion

Elefun Dress Vol. 2!
Seersucker House Dress to Day Dress Refashion


It’s hot.

It’s been mind-numbingly, skull-thumpingly hot here in SC lately.  

Forgive me for being lazy, but when I pulled this dress off my Refashion rack, I just wasn’t in the mood to sew.  

Unfortunately, this dress wasn’t going to work on a 100+ degree day as-is.  :/

No sew dress refashion before

Not to worry!  I had a plan to refashion this frumpy dress that didn’t involve any sewing at all!  

First, I snipped out those shoulder pads.

removed shoulder pads from dress
Pads & MORE pads!

Check it out!  There were actually back-up pads for the already huge pads!

Pads all around!

My shoulders weren’t going to need any protection today though…other than sunscreen that is!

I turned the dress around so the zip-up back was in the front, and pulled my arms through the neck, tucking the top of the new front in.

tying sleeves of dress to make strapless no sew refashioned dress
Got it?

Then, I tied the sleeves under my boobal area, like so:

making no sew sleeveless dress refashion
Almost done!

That’s it my new new-sew dress was born!

no sew dress refashion after
Not bad for a 3-minute refash!

I managed to keep cool while sipping mimosas with friends at a VERY fun Drag Brunch with friends!

The ladies were fabulous!

All these awesome costumes leave me inspired to perhaps start refashioning for a completely different kind of demographic ;)…What do you think?  ReDragionista?

refashionista drag brunch
It’s not like Patti O’Furnture appears to be in need of style help though…
Or maybe the heat has just gone to my head!
Or maybe the heat has just gone to my head!


refashionista no sew refashion before and after
Elefun Dress Vol. 2!
Seersucker House Dress to Day Dress Refashion

49 thoughts on “A Too Darn Hot No-Sew Dress Refashion”

  1. You are awesome and inspiring. I am currently working on tricking out a denim jacket using an old dress and realized if I cut it correctly I can get a cute little tank top out of the top of the dress, while still leaving enough fabric for the jacket.

  2. Hello Refashionista! I’ve missed your posts. They are too funny and fun and informative. I trust all is well and that you are just taking a bit of a break?
    Always looking forward, Heidi

  3. Hi, I love this blog! I was just wondering how the back of this dress ended up looking, though. Is it bunched up in back? Is there any way we can see it?

    • Thank ya! Sadly, I didn’t snap a pic of the back, but nope…it wasn’t bunchy because I folded the neck hole thingy down on the inside (does that make sense?).

  4. Okay… I came over to comment today not because the refashion was awesome (which, by the way, it totally is), but because Patti O’Furniture might be the BEST drag name ever. I died. Just a little. Oh…and YES. ReDragionista. It needs to be a feature. Fantastic idea.

  5. Loved u on TV… AGAIN!!! Do u think u will EVER do the 365 day project again? If not, will u consider something similar? Every other day? One a day for 30 days? I KNOW it would MAKE millions of people happier than EVER!!! PLEASE?? Maybe one a day till CHRISTMAS? Following your site ranks right up there with getting my HGTV magazine n the mail! Thanks

  6. Why apologize for a no-sew refash when the end result is so completely transformed & adorable?!?!?! Great job, as always, Jillian. Now I am on the hunt for a similar frock, so I can try this one out here in Texas. You’re an inspiration!!!

  7. Wow………you have the MOST amazing imagination! I would have thrown that thing out just for those awful shoulders.

  8. Hi! I found your blog about a month ago and have been reading every single post from both ends! (I’m on p64 from the newest and p210 from the oldest) it’s so interesting to see you ideas and skills change and evolve!
    I have a question for you, maybe you’ll answer it Monday! How do you choose which color dyes your outfit will swim in? Do you always have a definite idea or throw it in and hope for the best? For example, your Rachel Ray dress, was that lovely color expected or intended? Thanks and keep em coming!

    • I’m such a fickle pickle. I gave up Q&A Mondays a while back. lol Honestly, I don’t overthink it. I used to paint a bit, so mixing dyes is sort of like mixing paints. Sometimes I’m just trying to “muddy up” a too-bright print, and sometimes I’m going for a very specific hue. Surprises are always fun though!

  9. Who else would have thought to put the dress on backwards and slip her arms through the neckhole? You are one clever gal.

  10. I think you could do anything you put your mind to in the fashion vein πŸ™‚

    And, I do love your no-sew fashions, whether they are something I could wear or not; I just like seeing your innovative work!

  11. Yes!! Redragonista! I’m on board. I just caught a drag show last month and while the girls were fabulous, there were quite a few frayed hems and popped seams. I’m sure they would love it!

  12. How do you come up with these ideas? You are so talented? Is that Mystery Man (MM)on the left or a different guy and are ever going to hear more about MM?


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