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Trace & Stitch Dress Refashion

Dress to Top and Fun Life Things!
Midnight at the Mountain Oasis: A Dress to Top Refashion!

Happy Halloween Everyone!  🙂  Ghouls might prowling about during their one day vacay from the netherworld, but this dress would probably scare them off!  🙂

Trace and stitch dress before
Be afraid. Be very afraid.

It gets better!  This one’s a two-piecer!

Inner dress for trace and stitch dress refashion
Double the horror!

It gets even BETTER!  This dress is a bizarre combination of velvet and thermal fabric!

mixed fabrics for stitch and trace original dress
What the What?!?

I didn’t even want to think of what the heck I was going to do with that jacket part yet!  Ugh!

Soooo…I started working on the dress.

First, I separated the velvet top from the thermal waffle weave skirt.  

Ne’er the two shall meet again (at least not under my watch!)!

removing skirt from top of dress
Gotta keep ’em separated!

Then, I pulled out a dress I own that fits me really well, and a bit of chalk.

Next, I traced the dress onto the skirt and drew on some sleeves as well!

Tracing existing Dress to make New Dress
Prepare your mind to be blown!

When I removed the dress, it looked like this:

traced outline of dress on new dress

I pinned along the chalked line…

Pinning chalk outline on new dress
Pin it right there on the floor! 🙂

Then, I cut off all that extra fabric to make my dress easier to work with!  

I also went ahead and cut open my sleeve holes.

Cutting off excess fabric

I stitched my new seams down, then stitched down that top part that was still open.  

I made sure to leave a nice neck hole.  Since I was using the original hem, I didn’t need to worry about finishing the edge.

Stitching sleeve for refashioned dress
Hello Future Sleeve!

I did have to add a hem to the bottom of my new dress though!

hemming trace and stitch dress
A brand new hem!

And here’s what that once-scary dress looks like now!

refashionista in jason mask for halloween
BOO! 😉

Okay…here’s a better look!

Trace and Stitch Dress After
Not too shabs!
trace and stitch dress after arms outstretched
Check out the wingspan!

My new dress was perfect for a tour of the French Broad Chocolate Factory!

refashionista and friends as french broad chocolate factory
If you can ever take this tour, you should!

I was deeply impressed with the effort the owners make to create their chocolate masterpieces ethically & organically.  🙂  If you’re ever in the Asheville area, you should definitely swing by for a tour!

refashionista in trace and stitch dress close up
Totally hyped up on chocolate!!!
Erin and Jillian the Refashionista
Erin is not impressed by my vogueing. :/

After nibbling all sorts of marvelous chocolate, I developed a headache, and needed a painkiller.

I’m not talking aspirin, folks.  I’m talking theeeese:

painkiller cocktail
Yes. That sugar cube is on fire!

This delightful cocktail cured all ills!  😉

Jillian and Dan
Our pains are gone!

Later that night, we caught Nine Inch Nails in concert!  🙂

Layered up outside!
Layered up outside! 🙂
Nine Inch Nails Concert
Don’t worry. Trent is just as angry as he ever was!


Refashionista Trace and Stitch Dress Before and After
trace and stitch dress pinnable image
Dress to Top and Fun Life Things!
Midnight at the Mountain Oasis: A Dress to Top Refashion!