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All About an Awesome Applique

Keepin' it Teal
Burn Victim

This dress really wasn’t that bad when I found it.    

All About an Awesome Applique 2
Not bad...but not very special...


It’s a nicely fitted leopard print shirtdress with 3/4 sleeves.  I know some of you are cringing at the print, but I have a confession to make.  I actually really like leopard print!  It’s fun! Especially when worn in a cute 50’s pinup kind of way.      

This dress actually fit me quite well…er…um…okay…it was a bit snug.      

Size ZERO?


I am not a size 0.  I am going to tactfully refrain from revealing my true dress size, but 0 it is not.  There was no way to let this dress out a bit, as there wasn’t enough of a seam allowance inside.   Whatever…I was willing to just hold my tummy in and make it work!  I mean, it was only a dollar.    

Even though this dress was okaaaaay,  I still had plans for it.  First off, I thought the 3/4 sleeves were a bit too stuffy for the sexy cut of the dress.  I snipped them off, and inadvertently created what I’m certain will be the next huge fashion craze!    

All About an Awesome Applique 3
HAND SPATS (for men)!!!!!


My fella was kind enough to serve as hand model for my fabulous new Hand Spats(TM).  For when it’s not cold enough for gloves, but your wrists still want some garb.    

All About an Awesome Applique 4
Hand Spats(TM)! (hand model: my fella Marty)


 After talking myself out of patenting my new invention (as Hand Spats are actually quite lame 🙁 ), I sewed the new shortened sleeves of the dress under with the purple thread already in the machine.    

…and then paused…    

…because shortening sleeves isn’t really exciting enough to blog about…    

…and then I remembered this Tshirt I haven’t worn in about a year…    

All About an Awesome Applique 5
Jillian doesn't look so hot in light blue.


Do you see where I’m going yet?   I snipped out that very cool lady and pinned her to one side of the dress.    

All About an Awesome Applique 6
She's got more pins than that dude from the "Hellraiser" movies.


Next, I put this on my machine and carefully sewed around each curve of my applique.  This really isn’t very hard.     

Here’s the trick:  When you need to make a sharp turn, make sure the needle is completely down.  Raise the presser foot and re-angle the fabric to go in the direction you need it to go.  Then, put that presser foot back down and keep going!    

 I had to do this seeeevvvvvvverrrrrallllll times, as this lady has a lot of curves!  I used my purple thread for this, because I liked the contrast.    

How did it turn out, you ask?    

All About an Awesome Applique 7


All About an Awesome Applique 8
close-up of my thigh


 I, for one, was very happy with how this little dress turned out.  I grabbed the sash from my Christmas in July dress and tied it around my waist to give it a bit more color.    

Thinking...."Do I really feel up to holding my stomach in all night?"


All About an Awesome Applique 9
Sure! 🙂



Keepin' it Teal
Burn Victim

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