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Anne's Dramatically Groovy Reader ReFash 4

Anne’s Dramatically Groovy Reader ReFash

I’m excited to share a Reader ReFash with you that came to me from a kindred spirit named Anne. She teaches Fashion/Design and Speech/Drama at two junior high schools, which I find impressive given my fear of youths. I obviously love fashion, and I less-obviously hold a degree in Theatre (my professional career has been a winding path indeed). Anne recently challenged her students to upcycle a garment of their choosing, and I hope she’ll share some pics with me, as I’d love to see them and feature them here (with their parents’ permission of course).

I won’t lie. I get a little misty-eyed at the thought of an educator teaching kids to think about what they’re wearing, where it came from, and how they can creatively define their own style. This work is important. People like Anne are changing the world and creating a new generation of conscious consumers.

But I’ve said enough. Let’s let Anne take over, shall we?


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Let's Talk About Scraps, Baby: Fidget Quilts for Dementia Patients 5

Let’s Talk About Scraps, Baby: Fidget Quilts for Dementia Patients

A question I’m getting a lot in my your comments is, “What do you do with your scraps?”. While in the past, my scraps have become anything from pillow stuffing to sunglasses cases (because I have about a bajillion pairs, to other smaller items of clothing like scarves, this year they’re going to be used for something totally different.

My good friend Cole works with dementia patients, and he had a great idea!

He also wears really rad hats.
He also wears really rad hats.

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