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    No Sewing. All Style.

    Here’s a nifty $1 polyester dress I scored at one of my favorite of all thrifty places.  🙂   This is such a simple one, folks.  It’s mind-bogglingly easy, and requires NO SEWING AT ALL!  🙂 I made a few chops…     That’s it.     What this refashion lacks in complexity, it more than makes up for in style!  I truly love this one and plan on wearing it again and again and again!  Since the polyester is…

  • Thrift Score Thursday:  R&K and Some Lovely Trays! 2
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    Thrift Score Thursday: R&K and Some Lovely Trays!

    Welcome to another installment of Thrift Score Thursday! My favorite thrifty find for this week is this adorable vintage R&K sundress!     So light!  So comfy!  So perfect for a 97 degree day!     This R&K dress was hanging next to several other R&K dresses of the exact same size, so I scooped ’em all up.  The others will have to be refashioned, and I can’t wait to show them to you!  I paired this one with a…

  • A Most Secretive Maxi Dress 3
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    A Most Secretive Maxi Dress

    Remember the early 90’s?   This frock isn’t very fun, is it? But guess what?  It’s hiding a secret!     This gave me an idea!  First, I chopped off most of the bottom of the top layer.     Then, I gave that raw edge a new hem!     Then, grabbed that leftover scrap and pinned all the way down one side.       I turned my new fabric tube inside-out and just like that, I have…

  • Gimme a(n Asymmetrical) V! 4
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    Gimme a(n Asymmetrical) V!

    When I plucked this rather stern-looking dress from its rack at one of my favorite $1 thrift stores, it was with a certainty that whatever I did to it would be an improvement!   Nothing fun, lively, or exciting has ever happened to anyone while wearing this dress.  I can just tell.  But it’s not all bad.  I like those stripes and that funky side button placket, and I just knew there was a flirty fun frock hiding in there…

  • Creativity, Fear, and Fun at the Mini Maker Faire! 5
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    Creativity, Fear, and Fun at the Mini Maker Faire!

    A few months ago, I was approached by the nice folks over at EdVenture about hosting a sewing class for their Mini Maker Faire.    Maker Faires happen all over the country, and are where inventors, creators, crafters, designers, developers, and other clever folks gather together to offer workshops and demonstrations to the public.   I’d been wanting to teach a sewing class for a while now, so I said yes.  But I knew I couldn’t do it alone.  Luckily,…

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    Tangerine Dream Dress

    When Kassie of The Olive Ant gave me this dress to play with, I knew it was going to need to couple of changes!   I’m one of those girls who just can’t wear white.  It makes my skin look sallow and sad, and it’s just a matter of time before I end up spilling mustard or marinara sauce all over myself. You can probably guess what happened next…     Here’s what my new dress looked like mid-bath.   When…