• One Dress, Three Ways…The Final Chapter! 1
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    One Dress, Three Ways…The Final Chapter!

    You’ve waited with bated breath for the thrilling conclusion of… For my final trick, I chopped off the top halter section of my $1 dress’ most recent incarnation!   Then, I took that raw edge and pinned it…   …followed by a quick bit of whirrrrrring!   Time for a little role reversal!  I turned my dress upside down, so my newly-stitched edge was the new bottom!  Then, I grabbed a safety pin and pinned my new shoulder down from…

  • The Return of Thrift Score Thursday! 2
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    The Return of Thrift Score Thursday!

    Welcome to the triumphant return of Thrift Score Thursday!  🙂 In my thrifting adventures, I find all sorts of things that are just perfect exactly how they are.   I think it’s time to share my favorite finds of the week with you!   You’re looking at a vintage Aigner clutch ($2) and an adorable pair of sunny yellow heels (also $2) that I’m guessing are from the 1960’s? And here’s my most thriftastic non-refashioned outfit for the week!  …

  • One Dress, Three Ways…Take 2! 3
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    One Dress, Three Ways…Take 2!

    Hello and Welcome to the second installment of One Dress, Three Ways! So, the first version of this dress was pretty swell for a no-sew, but it’s time to take this frock in a totally different direction! First, I unpicked most of the neck from the rest of the dress.  Then, I made a big chop!   Next, I plopped my new frock on my dress form and began getting it perfectly fitted! I actually ended up having to remove…

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    One Dress, Three Ways!

    Well hello there!  Do you remember that time about a year ago when I took on a One Dress, Three Ways challenge?  You’ve seen me do refashions, but what about re-refashions or re-re-refashions?!? I think it’s time to resurrect this challenge!   I started off with the polyester teal number you see above. For ReFashion #1, I decided to go no-sew!  This one is super easy! I pulled the little belt/string/sash thing through the belt loops on the sides, but only…

  • From Housecoat to Heavenly 4
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    From Housecoat to Heavenly

    When I found this robe for $1, I was so happy!   The embroidery around the neck is lovely, and that dark blue looks awesome with my pale skin and dark hair.  There’s soooo much potential here!  Also, let’s all take a moment to appreciate how flippin’ comfy this thing is and how easily I could have chosen to not refashion it and just wear it around the house (Ah!  Single life!).  😉 Alas!  I’m not prepared to take such…

  • The World's End Top 5
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    The World’s End Top

    When I found this $1 jumper at the thrift shop, I thought it might be fine as-is.  But when I tried it on, I noticed something.   Do you remember how I said this jumpsuit gave me a case of camel toe that rivaled the Prancercise Lady’s?  Well…we have a NEW winner!  :/  There’s no way in hades I’m going out in public while wearing this thing…not as-is anywho! I grabbed my scissors and started cutting!  First, I snipped off…