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    Lady in Reeeeeed

    When I found this multi-layered 80’s number, I happily snatched it up for $1.  How could I resist?     Oh dear.  Time to get a hacking!   Next, I lopped off these guys!     Those sleeves were the next things to go!     I put the top part of the dress on my form, and pinned it.     I stitched each side down…     …then I tackled those arm holes!     Then Stitched ’em!…

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    Some of my favorite thrift store finds are handmade garments.  Some industrious person picking out a pattern, then going shopping for fabric and spending hours making something special for themselves is a lovely thought…even when it doesn’t quite seem to turn out the way they might have intended like this frock:   I’m not quite sure what happened here.  It sort of looks like someone didn’t quite follow the directions that came with the pattern, as some parts of this dress weren’t…

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    Kasia’s Reader ReFash

    Hi!  This is going to be my last post!  Mom is finally coming back tomorrow!  This guy who’s been taking care of me has been really nice and all, but I miss her and her silly sewing projects and bad music (Who listens to New Wave in 2014?  Just sayin.) This week’s final Reader ReFash is by Kasia! I’d like to share my perfect Valentine dress with you. I adore crushed velvet-especially in black-yet I have never managed to score the…

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    Laurel’s Reader ReFash

    Yep.  It’s still me.  Still Dougie Doug blogging for Jillian as she sits in a tropical paradise sipping fruity cocktails.  Did I mention she’s left me with this weird guy who reads Faulkner and is trying to discuss The Sound and the Fury with me riiiight now?  Dude.  I’m trying to write this blog.  And I also happen to be a dog.  Just sayin.  Mom’s friends are so weird. Today’s Reader ReFash comes from Laurel in Saskatchewan! I have been…

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    Sondra’s Reader ReFash

    Hey Guys!  I’m still handling this whole blog thing for Mom.  She tells me she’s having an awesome time, which makes me wonder why she didn’t take me with her.  :/  I know what I said before about needing my space and all, but I’m really starting to miss that kooky chick.  šŸ™  But I know she wouldn’t want me to hide under the covers and sulk, so I’ll share another fun Reader ReFash with you instead! Meet Sondra from…

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    Eileen’s Reader ReFash

    Well hello there!  Douglas here!  Mom is on a fun trip with her friends out of the country right now, and she’s left me in charge of her blog while she’s gone! I’m really hoping Jillie gets her groove back from this vacation.  She’s been kind of a hermit and I’m glad to finally have some space.  Sometimes a dog just needs some time alone to work on his novel and sniff himself, ya know? Anyways, Mom asked me to…