• Wannabe Wednesday:  Midnight Tide Edition 1
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    Wannabe Wednesday: Midnight Tide Edition

    I love ModCloth!  I rarely order anything from them (I think I ordered a pair of shoes once), but I get tons of refashion inspiration from their lovely vintage-inspired dresses. Take this gorgeous little number, their Midnight Tide Dress: Alhtough I’m not Seated around a beach bonfire in this jersey-knit maxi, singing along to your pal’s guitar strumming as the moon shines above. Blah Blah Blah Blather Blather Blather… as the overly twee description of this frock suggests (I’m not making…

  • Jen's Reader ReFash 2
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    Jen’s Reader ReFash

    Happy Sunday, Everybody!  I hope yours is as delightfully relaxing as mine.  🙂 This week’s Reader ReFash comes from Jen over at Our Beautiful Messy Life (Isn’t that just a lovely name for a blog?). She started with this two-piece dress she purchased from Etsy. I took a two-piece dress I ordered online a few years ago (that has never really fit very well, I can be picky about fit) and turned it into two separate pieces. I also added…

  • Raven's Reader ReFash! 3
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    Raven’s Reader ReFash!

    This week’s Reader ReFash comes from Raven! We have been stuck in the snow and ice for days, luckily we had a pile of clothes to refash from the Goodwill Bins. This skirt was 89 cents per pound. Love the print and sequins, didn’t love the ink stains and the “one size fits most”.  The waist band became the neckline, replaced the drawstring for ribbon, cut slits for the arms, took the skirt part of the dress in and added…

  • Wannabe Wednesday:  Michelle Mason(ish) Edition 4
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    Wannabe Wednesday: Michelle Mason(ish) Edition

    I hate being cold. I hate being cold more than anything else in the world. It’s been very cold here in South Carolina.  :/ When I moved to the south I expected year-round warmth and sunshine (research has never been my thing), creamy grits to be served with every meal, and men with impeccable manners. I feel ripped off on two of these counts. My quest for warmth during this odd cold snap has led to me a life spent…

  • Wannabe Wednesday:  Johnny Was Edition 5
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    Wannabe Wednesday: Johnny Was Edition

    Brrrrrrr!  This winter has been ridiculously over-the-top cold here in SC!  When we finally got a bit of snow for the first time in three years, I knew I wanted something comfy and cozy to lounge around in for a Snow Day with friends.  🙂 I wished I had something like one of these lovely tunics by Johnny Was: Sadly, the closest thing I had in my refash stash was this: That red is great, the beaded neckline is gorgeous,…

  • Wannabe Wednesday:  Ressica Edition 6
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    Wannabe Wednesday: Ressica Edition

    Hello!  As you can see there are some big changes happening here at ReFashionista!  I have a few more tweaks to make to the new site, so just bear with me for a few more days, okay?  🙂 But in the meantime, Let’s get to Wannabe Wednesday, shall we? I was inspired by the Ressica Tunic from Anthropologie.   Little Miss Blonde & Limbsome’s top is all sorts of Boho awesomeness, but could I make a similar top from this…