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    Thrift Score Thursday: Nana Edition

    Hello Friends!  Wow.  This week has been crazy.  There’s a lot going on behind the scenes here at ReFashionista, as I’m trying to back up my blog and redesign it.  Both of these things have taken much, much, much longer than I anticipated.  I want to give a huge shout-out to my high school chum, Jessica for helping me get the backup done, and another huge shout-out to my friend, Jamie who is helping me totally revamp and rebrand this blog…

  • Trish's Reader ReFash! 2
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    Trish’s Reader ReFash!

    This week’s Reader ReFash comes from Trish in New Jersey!  It’s a good bit chilly there.  I mean, that town will rip the bones from your back!  It’s a suicide rap!  She’s gotta get out while she’s young! Sorry…too much Bruce Springtsteen at too young an age!  New Jersey is actually quite lovely, I hear (They don’t call it the garden state for nothin’). Anywho…Trish had these two coats: I’ve been seeing trenches with leather sleeves and have really wanted…

  • Danika's Reader ReFash! 3
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    Danika’s Reader ReFash!

    This week’s Reader ReFash comes from Danika in sunny California! Much like South Carolina right now, the weather there is gorgeous. Unfortunately, this dress wasn’t.  :/ I found this beaut at a warehouse sale for $2!  I live in California so I needed a nice light and casual dress for going to the boardwalk with my family. I got so many compliments on my high- low dress. I mostly shop at thrift stores because its cheaper and its so fun…

  • Black (And Yellow) Friday Dress 4
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    Black (And Yellow) Friday Dress

    Happy Day After Thanksgiving!  🙂  I’m hoping you’ve all recovered sufficiently from your tryptophan hangovers and you’re avoided the Black Friday masses! After my original Thanksgiving plans were dashed, I was extremely thankful to be invited to a fun feast with friends!  🙂  I knew just what I wanted to wear! You’re looking a strange jacket-type thing I found for $1 at one of my fave thrift joints. The print is great, but I really don’t need a totally functionless…

  • Erica's Maternity Reader ReFash! 5
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    Erica’s Maternity Reader ReFash!

    Today’s Reader ReFash comes from a land down unda!  🙂  I love how I’ve met so many cool Aussies through the blogosphere, and I hate to play favorites…but Erica is one of my favorites.  🙂 She’s the clever lady behind Recycled Fashion, where she shows you have to be eco-fabulous in all of your fashion endeavors.  🙂 Maternity clothes are expensive…and not always that attractive.  Not to worry!  Erica knows how to work a thrifted frock into a totally non-matronly…

  • A Funky Fall Frock! 6
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    A Funky Fall Frock!

    Wow.  You guys are the most supportive & sweet friends a lucky-at-refashioning, but unlucky-in-love blogger could ask for!  Thanks for all of your wonderful words of support.  They really do help.  🙂 I want to give another round of thanks to everyone who voted for me in the Dancing With the Stars Fundraiser for the American Lung Association in SC’s Oxygen Ball!  I somehow managed to dance the Viennese Waltz without falling or mangling myself in any way!  🙂  I’m…