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Always a bridesmaid…

In Housedress Heaven
Child's Play

I was rather amused when I found this purple puppy tossed in a bin at the dollar-a-pound Goodwill.

Always a bridesmaid… 2
Always a bridesmaid. Le Sigh.

This frumpy frock cost someone at least $300 at one point as it was created by this jerkface:

Always a bridesmaid… 3
Alfred Angelo...making pretty girls look homely since...well...whenever...

I had my first run-in with Alfred Angelo’s garb when wedding dress shopping with my sis/ bridesmaid dress shopping for myself.  This guy has thoroughly mastered the art of creating colors that look horrible for any skin tone and cuts that even make me look fat.  Fortunately, my overpriced-awkward-shade-of-teal dress wasn’t thaaaat bad, and I can resign myself to looking slightly less fab than usual if it’s what my sister wants on her big day (she reads this blog btw).

However…I wasn’t going to let Alfred ruin this dress.  Not on my watch.

First off, I took some of the length off.  I knew I’d be taking even more off before I was done, but I needed to make this thick satiny frock more manageable.

Always a bridesmaid… 4
Basement Kitteh loves satin.

I’ve found that just about any color can be made tolerable, as long as you aren’t swathed in yards and yards of it.

Next, I needed to take this guy in.  To do this, I first pinned in on me at the boobs, my waist and hips, and took the measurements of how much I would be taking it in on each side.  Then I turned it inside out and marked the taking in area with a curvy chalk line and then pinned it.

Always a bridesmaid… 5
in ya go!

I then put it to my sewing machine and took  it in.  I actually had to do this one more time to get it nice and fitted.  This dress has boning, which thankfully didn’t really get in my way, and would help to hold the dress up without me having to do that “constantly tugging up” thing.

When I was done, I cut off the excess fabric from the sides.

Always a bridesmaid… 6

The last step I needed to do was trim a bit more off the bottom and hem it under.

Always a bridesmaid… 7

After running the bottom of my dress through my machine, I was left with quite a sexy lil lavender dress.  🙂

Always a bridesmaid… 8

I wore my little dress into the wee small hours of the morning.  🙂

Always a bridesmaid… 9
Check out Herbie in those sweet Hand Spats!
Always a bridesmaid… 10
Posing Provocatively with brilliant photographer, Jimmy Higgs


In Housedress Heaven
Child's Play