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Easy DIY Tie Back Top Refashion

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Hey Friends. I have a secret to share with you.

Mr. Refashionista and I were recently in Ireland for what ended up being a very short honeymoon.

As our flight landed, what I’m going to refer to as, “The Situation” (that’s what they’re calling it there), began to escalate. Social distancing. Travel bans. We got to see what it looks like when the world shuts down from a really unique perspective. As Brian’s dad said when he picked us up from the airport, “At least you can tell your friends what it was like being in Europe during a filming of The Twilight Zone.”

By the time we were able to re-book our flights home after a sleepless night with our travel agent & airlines, all the pubs in Ireland were closed.

The streets of Dublin were empty. I would liken this to all the Waffle Houses in the South being closed. Meaning, It’s all about to hit the fan.

I had scheduled blog posts to go live in our absence, and had worked double-time to make refashions to wear in Ireland that I was going to show you guys when we returned. I was planning on doing Thrifting in Ireland blog posts and videos.

Needless to say, that’s not happening now (but hopefully will later).

I’m not telling you this to make you feel bad for me. The Situation is hurting others much more than it’s hurting Brian and I. My friends with precarious health issues are literally scared for their lives. My service industry friends can’t work, and most don’t get paid leave. My small business owner friends are worried they might not make it through all of this.

All of that trumps Mr. Refashionista and I not getting to learn Falconry at a castle in County Clare.

I, like most of the world, am watching the news regularly, my stomach in knots…trying to keep my anxiety at bay. Having to isolate myself from my friends makes this even harder (I’m an extrovert, in case you can’t tell).

That’s why I plan on using this time tucked away at home for creative projects, and I hope you’ll join me. Let’s all try to make something beautiful during this ugly time. Whether it’s a refashion, a chunky crochet afghan, or a really good frittata, let’s all bring something into the world that wasn’t there before.

Now…for the promised Tie-Back Top Refashion:

I’m a sucker for soft fabrics. When I find them in my thrifting adventures, I always try to scoop them up!

I especially love it when I find pieces in cozy fabrics that work well as yoga tops (It’s hard to be Zen in burlap).

This dress may not look like a yoga top at first glance…

diy tie back top refashion before
Or second glance, for that matter.

…but just you wait!

This $1 thrifted knit dress was soooo comfy! I almost left it as-is as something to pad around the house/binge watch period dramas with strong female leads in.

That is until I came up with a much more fun idea for it! I would turn it into a tie-back yoga top!

First, I cut off a hefty chunk of the length.

refashionista chopping of length to make dress into shirt
A big chop!

Then I made another cut up the back!

refashionista cutting back of top to make tie back top
Chop #2!

I cut a v-shape out of the back, rather than just making a straight line since the original dress flares out a lot– something I didn’t want my top to do.

I folded the back of the neck of my top over by 1″.

refashionista measuring neck for diy tie back top

Then added a pin and stitched it down.

refashionista sewing neck for diy tie back top
Just an inch of whirr!

This refashion could totally be a no-sew as well!

If you don’t have a sewing machine (and don’t want to hand stitch), just use a strong fabric glue!

I tied the bottom of my new top…

refashionista tying for diy tie back top
So easy!


refashionista front of diy tie back top
Ready to hermit in comfort!

While the front looks lovely, the party really is in the back!

refashionista back of diy tie back top
Putting the YAS in Vinyasa!

If you’re not comfortable with having your back on display, you can always layer a tank top underneath this top, or start with a garment that’s a little bigger on you and overlap the neck more than 1″ for more coverage.

I styled my new top with high waisted leggings and my favorite TOMs!

refashionista full front diy tie back top
I like the blue hue too!

While I can’t hop off to one of my favorite yoga studios at the moment, there are lot of great free Yoga workouts on YouTube right now. My favorite is Yoga With Adrienne, which I highly recommend if you’re feeling uneasy, or just want a nice uplifting workout. 🙂

Friends, I hope you’re all staying safe & well. We’re all going to get through this together.

*virtual elbow bump*

refashionista diy tie back top
Super Comfy Crumple Tie Dye Cropped Sweater
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