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Ashley’s Reader ReFash!

Caeley's Reader ReFash!
One Dress, Three Ways III !

I’m LOVING all of the terrific Reader ReFashes you guys have been sending in!  This week’s comes from Ashley in Philly (Hey!  I was just there!).

She began with this ho-hum dress right here:

She might just be my funny face twin!  :)
She might just be my funny face twin! 🙂

I found this dress at a thrift store for around 3 dollars.  I took in the sides and took off some length, chopped off the sleeves, turned the dress around so the buttons are in the back, and cut the neckline down a bit.  The after picture is taken next to the Delaware River in New Hope, PA.  I got two compliments on the dress from total strangers, which totally made my day!

Look at that dress now!

Congrats, Ashley!  You did that dress a favor!
Congrats, Ashley! You did that dress a favor!

I like how she mentions getting compliments from strangers about her refashion.  That’s one of the BEST feelings…having others appreciate something that you created!  And instead of saying, “Thanks!  I got it at *insert boring store name here*”, you get to say, “Thanks!  I made it out of something else!”

Which response would you rather give?  Which response sounds like a fun conversation starter?  I rest my case.  🙂

Cheers!  Keep those awesome refashes coming!  🙂


Caeley's Reader ReFash!
One Dress, Three Ways III !

26 thoughts on “Ashley’s Reader ReFash!”

  1. I enjoy all the pictures & the re-fashioning but I would like to see a refashion from a plus size person. I recognize that the clothing is too big for the person who is refashioning & I think it would be a rare find for a plus size person to be able to refashion a garment. Keep up the refashioning….

  2. I literally “LOL’d” when I read your comment after her picture cause I thought the exact same thing: she’s your funny face/pose twin!
    So bummed there’s not a picture of the refash-back. I’m sure it’s fab!

  3. It really is the best when someone compliments something you made. I was floating in the lazy river of our water park and a woman complimented my swim suit. I think my “thanks!” was waaay over enthused because she floated away before I could explain that I made it from scratch.

  4. <3 Great job! So funny cause I thought it was you when it came up on my facebook feed…she is your twin. Thanks for the inspiration, ladies!


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