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Ash’s Reader ReFash

Q&A Monday: A Life Refashioned?
Memorial Day Dress

I looooove a good reader refash, don’t you? 🙂  This one is from Ash!

She began with these two dresses:



And with a few simple straight stitches and a LOT of creativity, look what she ended up with!

I have a huge crush on this awesome top!
I have a huge crush on this awesome top!
Oooh la la!!!
Oooh la la!!!

My 5-year-old got to be my photographer today. ha! I wear the blue and red striped one a lot but more as a shirt. The hubs and I don’t get out enough for the rockin’ dresses but they are both so comfortable. 


So…would you like to share your refashion on this here blog?  Here’s a few guidelines to help make it happen!  🙂

1.  I need a before AND an after shot!  Everyone wants to see your awesome transformation!

1.  No cell phone selfies/mirror shots!  Get a friend, coworker, or even a total stranger to snap a pic of you!

2.  I want to see your wonderful face!  Anytime I see a pic with someone cut off at the neck, I assume they’re a beheaded corpse and I call the authorities.

3.  Bonus points for pics of you wearing your awesome creation out and about in public!  Your refashion deserves a life outside of your bedroom.  🙂

Soooo…send those Reader ReFashes to me at [email protected], and you just might end up on the blog!  🙂  I’ve been really slack with this lately, but I’m planning to share one reader submission per week (just so you’re not stuck looking at my goofy mug all the time)!  🙂



Q&A Monday: A Life Refashioned?
Memorial Day Dress
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