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Ash’s Reader ReFash

Q&A Monday: A Life Refashioned?
Memorial Day Dress

I looooove a good reader refash, don’t you? 🙂  This one is from Ash!

She began with these two dresses:



And with a few simple straight stitches and a LOT of creativity, look what she ended up with!

I have a huge crush on this awesome top!
I have a huge crush on this awesome top!
Oooh la la!!!
Oooh la la!!!

My 5-year-old got to be my photographer today. ha! I wear the blue and red striped one a lot but more as a shirt. The hubs and I don’t get out enough for the rockin’ dresses but they are both so comfortable. 


So…would you like to share your refashion on this here blog?  Here’s a few guidelines to help make it happen!  🙂

1.  I need a before AND an after shot!  Everyone wants to see your awesome transformation!

1.  No cell phone selfies/mirror shots!  Get a friend, coworker, or even a total stranger to snap a pic of you!

2.  I want to see your wonderful face!  Anytime I see a pic with someone cut off at the neck, I assume they’re a beheaded corpse and I call the authorities.

3.  Bonus points for pics of you wearing your awesome creation out and about in public!  Your refashion deserves a life outside of your bedroom.  🙂

Soooo…send those Reader ReFashes to me at [email protected], and you just might end up on the blog!  🙂  I’ve been really slack with this lately, but I’m planning to share one reader submission per week (just so you’re not stuck looking at my goofy mug all the time)!  🙂



Q&A Monday: A Life Refashioned?
Memorial Day Dress

36 thoughts on “Ash’s Reader ReFash”

    • Thanks Rebecca!!! I’m stoked you like it.
      No. 🙁 I’m sorry to say. Jillian is fab about the step by step pics and now I know to do the same. The striped dress I cut off the top shirt part and pulled the skirt up as a shirt. I played w/ the idea of having it on both shoulders but ultimately liked it off one and b/c it’s t-shirt material I liked the rolled edge. Then I pinned it along just one side because I am all about efficiency. Why sew two sides if I don’t have to.

  1. WOWZER! Did you use a pattern as a guide of some stripe (no pun intended)….either from another garmet or a printed one? That is amazingly talented designing either way!

    • Thank you!!!! I am new to sewing and am a little imtitated by patterns. Soooo needless to say I did not use a pattern for either I just put it on and pinned it. I had originally wanted more of an angle w/ the stipes but it got lost in translation and instead stayed more horizontal.

  2. I refashion my clothes all the time, I call it joyify-ing them, I have to, I’m a uk 22 on top and 20 on bottom (big boobs big bum) with 32 inch legs!

    I also do things for friends too, should really take before pics, I have plenty of durings and afters but no befores!

    I just wish I could use a sewing machine! It’s the whole tension thread snarl thing that scares the living bejesus out of me!!

    Anyhoo it’s 23.39 and I’ve just finished reading this, will pop back to carry on reading soon. My blog is on blogger so I can’t follow you I’m afraid 🙁

    Maybe ill do a plus size refashion one if these days and you can show it?

    Joy x

    • That’s awesome, Joy. Can you send me your blog address? Do you do refashions on your blog (can’t tell from this comment)?

      There are SO MANY women out there who have been clamoring for a Plus-Size refashion blog. If you have a knack for it, you could have an amazingly successful blog on your hands. Don’t fear the machine! 🙂

      PLEASE send me any/all of your refashions you’d like to share. 🙂

      • Ah that’s so cool thanks hun, I have a couple of projects on the go at the moment but I haven’t had the time to start loading them up, at the moment I’ve kind of just chatted about them! (I’ve only just worked out how to load up pics via my mobile!!)

        Feel free to have a mooch though, it’s very much a me and my life blog

        Blog Address

        I think I’ll give it a go!

  3. Great refashion, but I’m a little offended by the schoolteacher reference. You try being around 150 teenagers all day for years…and see if you still dress with a little sexy. um, no.


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