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Athens Excursion Dress Refashion (With a Pocket!)

No-Sew Button-Up Shirt to Dress Refashion
A One-Shoulder Dress Refashion

Thanks to everyone for your sweet words of encouragement after my last post.  🙂  You’re all pretty much the nicest readers anyone could possibly have and I want to bake a batch of cookies for each and every one of you.

I don’t want you to worry about me though.  Creative slumps happen.  I’ve dealt with them before, and I’m sure I’ll deal with them again.  But the blog must go on!  🙂

Hoping to escape my slump, I booked a place on Airbnb, packed up my mini machine, and headed off to Athens, GA to catch some awesome live music and a bit of vintage shopping!

janome mini sewing machine
It’s as if my carry on was made for this.

My machine didn’t travel alone!  I tossed in this dress to refash as well!

a dress refashion with a pocket before

Total basic 90’s boringness here.  But the print is so nice!  Surely there’s something that can be done!

I started with a big chop!

Chopping off bottom of dress

Then, I pinned that raw edge down!

my mini pincushion
Has Mini Pincusion. Will Travel.

I ran this through my lil machine, like ya do…

janome sew mini

I pressed my new hem the best way I knew how…

pressing hem with flat iron
Desperate times call for desperate measures! 🙂

…but still wasn’t too thrilled with this frock yet.

I cut a (really jagged…sorry!) square from the cut-off bit.

cutting a pocket
It looks like I let a 4-year-old do it!

Then, I pinned the raw edges down as I pinned it to my dress.

Future Pocket!
Future Pocket!
sewing on pocket
Looking forward to a lil storage space!

I cut off a bit of that bottom scrap and used it as a sash for the waist of my new frock (because old habits die hard), although it would also be cute with a free waist too!  🙂

easy refashion with pocket after
Can you tell I’m freezing?

Unfortunately, the weather report for that day was a wee bit optimistic.  It’s still chilly here in the south (Good God, WILL IT EVER END?!?!?).  

Luckily, I brought a thrifted chambray shirt to cover up with!

Do I look like I'm trying to hard to be a hipster?
Do I look like I’m trying to hard to be a hipster?

I really liked this outfit, and enjoyed wearing my sweet secondhand Aldo studded brogues (a steal at $15!) and my fun minty tights.  🙂

Can you tell it's reallllly windy?
Can you tell it’s reallllly windy?

My pocket was pretty swell as well!

pocket close up
a happy hand holder!

I fell in love with this delightful little vintage shop that had everything one could possibly desire:

Jillie loves Cillies!
Jillie loves Cillies!
Cillies storefront
Many treasures await!

Seriously…just looooook!

boots in vintage store
Need a pair of boots?
dresses in vintage store
How about a lovely frock?
Lots of vintage purses!
Lots of vintage purses!

You can check out this sweet shop’s Facebook page right here!

I somehow managed to escape with only a silly little fish necklace.

fish necklace
I think I’ll name him Phil.


refashionista easy dress refashion with pocket before and after
No-Sew Button-Up Shirt to Dress Refashion
A One-Shoulder Dress Refashion