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A Cameo Print/Asymmetrical Lapel Dress Refashion

A Dress to Cowl Back Top Refashion
Sloane's Weddingtastic Reader ReFash!

I was quite happy to stumble upon this dress with a lovely cameo print in a recent thrift store visit.  🙂

cameo dress refashion before
I’m running out of “before” poses, you guys.

I was even willing to look past those gigantic shoulder pads!

Herm.  :/
Herm. :/

Okay.  I clearly have some work to here to make this dress refashion happen.  

First, I made a few chops.

removing shoulder pads
Not a bad start!

Don’t worry!  I know some of you guys hate it when I remove cuffs & collars, but I’m keeping these.  They’re just being relocated!

With my cuffs chopped and those pads removed, I was ready to take in this dress a bit.  

I took it from the back like so:

pinning dress in from the back
taking dress in from the back
Stitching down the elastic…
stitching each side of the leftover elastic down, so it lays flat
Then stitching each side of the leftover elastic down, so it lays flat!

I took the cuffs and pressed the raw edges down.

pressing cuffs
Do you see where I’m going?

Then, I stitched each side down.

stitching down raw edge of cuff
Just a lil whirr!

I took one cuff and pinned it under the largest lapel on my new dress.

pinning cuff to lapel
Getting a lil creative!

Is it a bit odd or dare I say avant-garde? Yes. Yes it is.

In case you can’t tell, I’ve been on a bit of an asymmetry kick lately, hence my ‘do!  This dress was going to be a fun experiment in balance or lack thereof.

Just play in the space with me for a little bit, okay?

I stitched the cuff down.

stitching cuff to lapel
I think this is going to look just swell. 🙂

Then I chopped a bit more from one of the sleeves.

chopping one sleeve
Just a lil bit.

I hemmed the raw edge…

hemming raw edge
Just a lil hem.

…then I attached the remaining cuff!

attaching cuff
Crazy, no?
sewing down cuff
Too late to go back now!

The other sleeve got a different kind of cuff!

pinning cuff sleeve on dress
Roll it, pin it, then stitch the top and bottom down! 🙂

Now I just needed to get rid of some of that length!

cutting new hem
Rising to new heights!  My foot says “hai!” btw.

I hemmed my new dress, and stitched that bottom part into a sash.

That’s right…this was almost a totally no-waste refashion!

small fabric scrap
Ah! So close!

I’m really happy with this one, you guys!

cameo dress refashion after
cameo dress refashion after
Seriously…this is one of my faves!

And here it is from the back!

back of cameo dress refashion
Le back!

My cameo dress and I made a cameo (har har) appearance at my pal Phillip’s house for some tasty chili with friends!  🙂

bowl of chili
Such deliciousness! 🙂
jillian and friends at table
A perfect way to spend an early Fall evening!


refashionista cameo dress refashion before and after
A Dress to Cowl Back Top Refashion
Sloane's Weddingtastic Reader ReFash!