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A Cameo Print/Asymmetrical Lapel Dress Refashion

A Dress to Cowl Back Top Refashion
Sloane's Weddingtastic Reader ReFash!

I was quite happy to stumble upon this dress with a lovely cameo print in a recent thrift store visit.  🙂

cameo dress refashion before
I’m running out of “before” poses, you guys.

I was even willing to look past those gigantic shoulder pads!

Herm.  :/
Herm. :/

Okay.  I clearly have some work to here to make this dress refashion happen.  

First, I made a few chops.

removing shoulder pads
Not a bad start!

Don’t worry!  I know some of you guys hate it when I remove cuffs & collars, but I’m keeping these.  They’re just being relocated!

With my cuffs chopped and those pads removed, I was ready to take in this dress a bit.  

I took it from the back like so:

pinning dress in from the back
taking dress in from the back
Stitching down the elastic…
stitching each side of the leftover elastic down, so it lays flat
Then stitching each side of the leftover elastic down, so it lays flat!

I took the cuffs and pressed the raw edges down.

pressing cuffs
Do you see where I’m going?

Then, I stitched each side down.

stitching down raw edge of cuff
Just a lil whirr!

I took one cuff and pinned it under the largest lapel on my new dress.

pinning cuff to lapel
Getting a lil creative!

Is it a bit odd or dare I say avant-garde? Yes. Yes it is.

In case you can’t tell, I’ve been on a bit of an asymmetry kick lately, hence my ‘do!  This dress was going to be a fun experiment in balance or lack thereof.

Just play in the space with me for a little bit, okay?

I stitched the cuff down.

stitching cuff to lapel
I think this is going to look just swell. 🙂

Then I chopped a bit more from one of the sleeves.

chopping one sleeve
Just a lil bit.

I hemmed the raw edge…

hemming raw edge
Just a lil hem.

…then I attached the remaining cuff!

attaching cuff
Crazy, no?
sewing down cuff
Too late to go back now!

The other sleeve got a different kind of cuff!

pinning cuff sleeve on dress
Roll it, pin it, then stitch the top and bottom down! 🙂

Now I just needed to get rid of some of that length!

cutting new hem
Rising to new heights!  My foot says “hai!” btw.

I hemmed my new dress, and stitched that bottom part into a sash.

That’s right…this was almost a totally no-waste refashion!

small fabric scrap
Ah! So close!

I’m really happy with this one, you guys!

cameo dress refashion after
cameo dress refashion after
Seriously…this is one of my faves!

And here it is from the back!

back of cameo dress refashion
Le back!

My cameo dress and I made a cameo (har har) appearance at my pal Phillip’s house for some tasty chili with friends!  🙂

bowl of chili
Such deliciousness! 🙂
jillian and friends at table
A perfect way to spend an early Fall evening!


refashionista cameo dress refashion before and after
A Dress to Cowl Back Top Refashion
Sloane's Weddingtastic Reader ReFash!

33 thoughts on “A Cameo Print/Asymmetrical Lapel Dress Refashion”

  1. This was 2 years ago and nobody is going to read this, but… When I saw the fabric I really hoped this one would go into a romantic direction, with no collars and a feminine cut.

  2. Its not what I would have done with it, mostly because my style never really is bold or fearless (also, I’m one that is ALWAYS removing cuffs & collars-haha). I DO love that you take chances and this really does look great on you!

  3. Tremendously creative. I think this is one of the best so far. Very inventive. The white cuff offsets/contrasts with the fabric in a visually jarring (and good) way.

  4. I love no-waste (or almost no-waste) refashions 🙂

    As for the refashion itself, the end result is not quite my cup of tea, but that is because I’m not very bold in my fashion choices. You are really an artist with your refashions, using your garment as a canvas, and that is very much reflected in this dress in particular. Good on ya.

  5. Now that I have finished looking at every refashion in this blog I can start following at a slower pace and comment. I really like this idea. It does look a bit disconnected but a white edge on the lapel, connecting the two white sections, would do the trick. I am preparing to alter everything in my closet (from size 12 to size 8) and will be looking for an item to try this idea.

  6. I love the fabric, the cameo design is so funky! I always love how you can see the potential in every garment. I have to agree with some of the others, the floating cuff/collar is a bit distracting. What is important is how YOU feel about the creation. Please keep refashing, you are such an inspiration.

  7. Sydney and Muriel said what I was going to say. Hmm… odd that so many strangers think alike! I love your creativity with this, and the print is really cool!

  8. I love your ideas. They are great, but I am like some of the others, I don’t like the cuff just hanging there. It seems out of place. But what do I know, I just look forward to all of your ideas and wished that I could see the vision, too.

  9. Oh my goodness! I can’t believe I just read two years of your life. However, it was time well spent. I really enjoyed all the refashions and was inspired to sketch out a few of my own to try. Thank you for sharing…well…everything. I know it was hard to put your dating life on display, but I’m sure it helped someone to know they weren’t alone with problems in the love department. I recently began sewing, like you, I didn’t like it when I was younger. I thought sewing was for girls until recently. Lol! Any way, it looks like you have a fun, amazing life. Enjoy. Ciao.

  10. Love everything except the ‘floating’ cuff – it looks like it has fallen off somewhere and just landed there………………………..

  11. Your style is so unique that I truly believe you can pull off anything you refashion. Some may or may not like it, but style is supposed to be unique to the person. I love everything you do for all us fellow thrifter and refashioners out there. (:

  12. I agree with Sydney too… the floater should been continuous with the neck collar. But my major disappointment is with the top of the sleeves, they are too big and too far from the top of your shoulders. That should be fixed easily. No worries, you are still my major refash hero!

  13. You amaze me!! I love it. Personally I like how you put the second cuff at an odd angle. It looks more modern than if you had Of placed it so it looked like an extension of the existing collar.
    I just discovered your blog and was reading it all weekend!!
    You have a Wonderful imagination to be able to come up with all your great ideas! You’ve really inspired me to rethink how I view my outdated clothing!

  14. I’m with Sydney. This dress is almost perfect it just needs the first cuff to be flipped so that the narrow end is at the bottom and then sewn right on top of the existing …what on earth do you call it?…existing extended collar? Your idea and execution are otherwise perfect. And you look great in it! I’ve been a long-time follower and you’ve made me brave enough to try restructuring some of my own (unfortunate) things.

  15. As a lover of asymmetry, I had to let you know – WAY TO GO!!!! Love this dress – just wish I could wear my dresses that short – I’m 70 years old and fat!!! However, you are a great inspiration to me and as a friend just gave me a bunch of dresses which need re-modeled, I will be re-fashioning soon!

  16. I don’t like the lapel either. Looks unfinished. Also one shoulder seam is a lot lower then the other. Love your make overs, but this one missed the mark.

  17. Love the results 90% . . . Love the asymmetrical look . . . BUT I think I would’ve put the diagonal white second lapel right under (or at least closer, at a similar angle to) the top white one . . . To me, it looks a little disconnected floating there at an odd angle. But never fear, I am distinctly a Fan!


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