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A Christmastime Vested Dress Refashion

Welcome 2013!!!!
Christmas Eve No-Sew Dress Refashion

Merry Christmas, my lovely refashlings (what?)!  

After spending much of my holiday time off being ridiculously family-oriented, I was thrilled to spend Christmas Night with my best buds!

I’ve been saving this cute little vested dress number just for the occasion!

Are you green with envy? No?

I feel like that dude in Quantum Leap, and that I’ve woken up transformed into my terribly dressed 3rd Grade Teacher (I’m judging you, Ms. Coomer) who threw chalk at me once.  

It was time to strive to put right what once went wrong, and I hoped that my next leap will be the leap (to my much more fashionable) home!

Unfortunately, I had no witty sidekick…:/

"Sorry Jillian, I'm busy uploading this pic of my cats to Instagram."
“Sorry Jillian, I’m busy uploading this pic of my cats to Instagram.”

Fine, Al.  Whatever.  I’ll go it alone!

First, I got to ripping!  

The velvet collar and that fake vest had to go!  I didn’t want to just snip it off, as it would look all frayed and gross.

using seam ripper to rip off vest
Seam ripping is a great way to feel useful while watching TV! 🙂

This left a lot of holes!

holes from ripping off vest
Holey Moley!

No biggie!  

I just pinned everything back together (sans ugly collar and vest!).

pinning shoulders together again
Back together again!

Then I stitched it all back together.

sewing dress

I wasn’t happy with the fit of my dress, so I took it in a bit on each side.

taking in sides of dress
Just a lil bit! 🙂

Then, I took off some length!

cutting off bottom of dress
sewing new hem of dress
…and whirrrrrr!

After a quick press my new holiday dress was ready to impress (hot rhyming action!)!

vested dress refashion after
Ever so evergreen! 🙂

Oh…and check out my fab elfin footwear!  🙂

holiday shoes close up
No…I don’t speak elvish.

We were all thrilled with our fab White Elephant gifts.

Jillian and Phillip
Lookit! You make your droid look old school! 🙂
Jillian and Erin
Our lovely hostess, Erin! 🙂

I really hope this is the beginning of a Christmas tradition!  🙂


vested dress refashion before and after
Welcome 2013!!!!
Christmas Eve No-Sew Dress Refashion