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Chrystal’s Reader ReFash!

A New-Sew Dress to Peplum Top Refashion
The Janome Sew Mini: A ReFashionista Review

The $1 a pound Goodwill is a magical place filled with many wondrously awkward items of clothing just aching for a refash!  I go bin diving quite frequently.  If you want a nice overview of what it’s all about, you can read this post right here.  🙂

Chrystal is also a fan of the $1 a pound Goodwill!

I got this dress at the Goodwill outlet where everything is $1.39/lb (seriously, the best place ever!). I loved the print, but the sleeves were awful!

But at least your pits get breathing room???
But at least your pits get breathing room???

After sitting in my closet for a few months, I took it out during my kids’ nap time one day and after an hour of sewing, it’s so much more flattering, especially to my giant pregnant self. I love it!

Work that baby bump!  :)
Work that baby bump! 🙂

I lowered the neckline, fixed the weird flying squirrel thing that the sleeves had going on, shortened them, and added a little cuff. And a belt, of course! With all of the colors in the pattern, it’s very versatile with what accessories can be paired with it.

The dress made it’s debut at a little fall festival with my husband and kiddos. And of course, my daughter wanted to be in the picture, too.

What a cutie!  :)
What a cutie! 🙂

I agree with Chrystal, this is a really versatile piece that’ll work well with lots of different accessories!

Can I also just say how much I LOVE seeing a maternity refashion?  I’ve had enough pregnant pals to know that maternity wear is super-expensive!  But if you refashion your own baby bump frocks, you can sock those savings into your future little one’s diaper fund!  🙂

Great job, Chrystal!  I’ll bet you’ve just inspired plenty of other moms-to-be!



A New-Sew Dress to Peplum Top Refashion
The Janome Sew Mini: A ReFashionista Review


  • dana

    Great Job Girl !! It seems like it’s easier to make your own maternity clothes then buying and to top it off you find a better quality of clothing…

  • Jo H.

    What a great idea! A hundred years ago when I was pregnant I saved a lot of money by making my own maternity clothing, but if I knew then what I know now, I would have been doing refashions instead and saving even more 🙂

  • Bailey

    Thrift stores were my saving grace while pregnant. I spent maybe $40 total on my entire pregnancy wardrobe (not counting the 4 items that were given to me as gifts.) And since some of the items I got while pregnant weren’t necessarily “maternity” wear, I’ve been able to transition some of them into my post-baby wardrobe. 🙂

  • Stephie G.

    Yea! Maternity refashions. I have to say, I’ve been wearing the same things throughout my entire pregnancy (due with my first child in December). I finally broke down and purchased a couple of outfits from (not maternity, but I just did a size up and made sure the items were stretchy). I wish I had the desire to do some refashions, but I’m just waiting for my little one to come so I can start making some really cute baby refashions out of the mountain of old clothes that have been waiting to become acquainted with my machine. At any rate, great job, Chrystal!

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