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A Dress to Cowl Back Top Refashion

An "It'll do for work." Refashion
A Cameo Print/Asymmetrical Lapel Dress Refashion

When I found this frock on the 50 cent sale rack at the Goodwill near my house, I thought, “Wow!  A dress I don’t even have to refashion!”

dress to cowl back top refashion before
Not too shabs!

But then I looked a little closer…

hole in thrift store dress
See it?

Here.  Let me help you out a bit.

closeup of hole in dress

Do you see the bizarre patched-up crotch hole?  

HOW DID THAT GET THERE?  WHYYYYYYY?  And WHY am I so terrified of the implications of said crotch hole? :/


Step 1: Cut off everything below that weird hole!

cutting off bottom of dress
Ahhhhhh! Much better already!

I don’t know about you guys, but I feel much better now!

So, I could have reattached that bottom bit to the newly crotch-hole-less bit, but the temps here have dropped, and I definitely need more shoulder coverage now!

Next, I needed to restitch the top of the elastic waist that had come undone.

sewing elastic back on dress
…like Duran Duran no more!

Then, I had that bottom raw edge to tend to.

sewing bottom raw edge

I used a straight stitch for this, but it was quite finicky with the weirdo stretchy knit of this fabric.  I SHOULD have used a tight zigzag, as it would have saved me a bit of frustration.

I promptly reset my machine for the remainder of this refashion!

setting sewing machine to zigzag stitch
Now we’re talkin’!

Now for that bottom scrap!  

First, I unpicked the hastily hand-sewn hem that was already in place.  

I commend the effort, but I wanted something a tad sturdier for my new top!

seam ripping bottom edge

Then, I pinned a new hem for each side of the scrap.

pinning hem
No big.

I stitched each hem down.

Zig zag stitch

But now what?  I’m going to be a bit chilly without some upper arm coverage, no?

I took that scrap and did this with it:

pinning to dress form
Just playing around a bit…

Then I did this!

pinning front to dress form
back of top refashion

I stitched down those parts I pinned at the front.

stitching with zizag stitch
Once again, using a zigzag.

The back was left drapey.  🙂

And here’s my new top!

refashionista dress to cowl back top refashion after
My shoulders are now draft-free!
back of dress to cowl back top refashion
Le back!

Amauri thought my new top was pretty swell too!

Jillian and Amauri
Love this fella right here. 🙂

I had a blast wearing my new top at Soda City’s Oktoberfest!

Jillian and Erin
They juuuust might…


A Dress to Cowl Back Top Refashion | Refashionista
An "It'll do for work." Refashion
A Cameo Print/Asymmetrical Lapel Dress Refashion