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Crafty Feast!

A Fiend for a Friend

A couple of Saturdays ago, I volunteered at a free tent for Crafty Feast, a super-fun craft fair that happens about twice a year here in Columbia, SC.  🙂

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Let's sew!

A few other sewers and I put together a tent with donated fabric scraps, damaged garments, and a bunch of aprons for people to rummage through and either sit and sew with us, or take a project home.

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The inspiration table!
Crafty Feast! 4
Crafty Feast! 5
Susan Lenz's hand stitched apron!

Our tent was inspired by the film The Florestine Collection, which was showing that night at the Town Theatre as a part of the Indie Grits Film Festival.

Crafty Feast! 6
A Florestine Dress!
Crafty Feast! 7
Another Florestine Dress!
Experimental Animator Helen Hill found more than 100 handmade dresses in a trash pile on one Mardi Gras Day in New Orleans.  She set out to make a film about the dressmaker, an African-American seamstress who had recently passed away.  The dresses and much of the film footage were later flood-damaged by Hurricane Katrina while Helen was still working on the film. Helen was murdered in a home invasion in New Orleans in 2007.  Her husband Paul Gailiunas has completed the film, which includes Helen’s original silhouette, cut-out, and puppet animation, as well as flood-damaged and restored home movies.
Hand stitching is something I’m accustomed to hating.  It takes forever, whereas my machine can magically make swift work of whatever alterations I need.  I’m clumsy-fingered and impatient.  I didn’t think I’d enjoy sewing by hand all day.  Then, I found this dress, sad and torn.
Crafty Feast! 8
Oh no!

Crafty Feast! 9
I spent the afternoon chatting with my fellow seamstresses and seamsters (is that what you call a guy who sews?), and ended up with this clumsily altered  sun dress.
Crafty Feast! 10
This isn’t my usual style, but I was really proud of this silly little dress, and my embellishments.
My favorite part was this cute little lamb pocket.  🙂
Crafty Feast! 11
A lil lamb pocket!
I had such a fun day at Crafty Feast!  🙂
Sadly, that evening, I fell and broke my elbow.  🙁  It hurt…badly.  I haven’t been able to type or sew or do much of anything.  Happily, my soft cast is now off, and I have a metal plate in my arm holding my bones together, so I can move my arm again.  I don’t have my full range of motion back, but I can sew and type, so I’m back!  🙂
Thanks for everyone’s well wishes and patience!
A Fiend for a Friend


  • furpurr

    the link for the florestine collection no longer works. 8-( ~ i wanted to check out the final product, & post it to my “how inspiring is that” board on pinterest. that poor lady!!!! 8-( trying to do something worthwhile & wonderful, only to meet with such misfortune. major kudos to her hubby for finishing it for her. ~*~ on another note: seamster… *ha ha*

    • imdbtoo

      is another link that works. Helen Hill and her husband were certainly an interesting couple, she being from and buried there in Columbia. I just visited NOLA for my first time, and can only imagine finding the dresses on the sidewalk! What an inspiration. Like Helen, I love the story and people behind each story. There’s always so much more to the picture. Sort of like you inspiring us with your refashions – so much more than a dress or a shirt!

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