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Long Sleeve T-shirt to Dress Refashion

Is All Fair in Le Creuset and War?
Fall Floral Dress to Shirt Refashion

Once a year, Riggs Partners (the advertising agency I do cool digital things for) has a CreateAthon.

You probably don’t know what that is. It’s okay. I didn’t either until I started working for them. A CreateAthon is a 24-hour no-sleep pro-bono marketing blitz wherein we provide our services (and the services of a few other talented folks around town) to local nonprofits.

When it came time to order shirts for our recent CreateAthon, I asked for a 3x.

“You’re going to do something cool with this, aren’t you?” asked my coworker.

Well…of course I was.

refashionista in oversized longsleeve shirt
Beige Beige Beige.

I’m one of those women who much prefer dresses to pants. I think they’re way comfier, and I feel bad that most men will never know how great they truly are (dresses, not the men).

The reason I went with a too-big-for-me shirt was to ensure I (hopefully) had enough length for a dress without having to piece bits together. I crossed my fingers and got to work.

First, I took the shirt and folded it in half.

Apologies for the super-beigyness of the table against the shirt. :/
Apologies for the super-beigyness of the table against the shirt. :/

Then, I took a jersey knit dress I liked the fit of and folded it in half on top of this shirt.

dress folded over shirt

I cut carefully along the outline of the blue dress, which left me with this:

shirt cut to dress template
My dress is starting to take (beige) shape!

I pinned each side down…

pinned side seam of dress
Pin. Pin. Pin.

…then stitched each side.

sewing side seam of dress

I tried my new dress on, and still had to do a bit of finicky altering around the shoulders of the dress, but after a few minor alterations, my frock was ready for 24 hours of digital marketing action!

Long Sleeve T-shirt to Dress Refashion after
Why hello there!

My team was impressed with my handiwork. 🙂

jillian and coworkers
Some of the coolest and most creative marketing minds in Columbia! 🙂

There was much work to be done, as I was assigned two different nonprofits to figure out digital strategies for (as well as writing a bit of web copy).

jillian working with team
Hard at work.

Luckily, I still found time to make a T-shirt for our mascot, T-Riggs!

Jillian with dinosaur in customized tshirt
I keep an extra sewing machine at work. You never know when you’ll need one. 😉
jillian with coworkers
Yes. I was one of few people who opted for the long sleeve beige shirt over the cuter blue short-sleever.

This was a challenging challenge. I was thankful for my comfy & cozy dress, but working for 24 hours straight takes its toll.

Jillian drinking coffee
Just writing web copy at 2:30am. Like ya do.

By 10:00 the next day, our work was done, and I was ready for a four-hour nap. 🙂

All in a night’s work!

(If you’d like to see a few more CreateAthon pics, here ya go!)


Refashionista Long Sleeve T-shirt to Dress Refashion before and after
Is All Fair in Le Creuset and War?
Fall Floral Dress to Shirt Refashion

39 thoughts on “Long Sleeve T-shirt to Dress Refashion”

  1. Just wondering what you are wearing for Christmas? Will you be grabbing something drab and refashioning it into something fabulous? Would love to see what you come up with.

  2. I love that this blog is not your top priority, that might sound weird; but the fact is, your life is way too interesting to be stuck here. It’s fabulous to see little snippets of your creative life and the occasional refashion that goes along with it!!! I pop by every couple of months, like you are old friend, and you are totally part of my life! I get my new sewing space soon, a cabin in the back garden!! The kids are taking over the house, so I’m getting my own little creative sanctuary *bliss* :oD

  3. What if you you used the extra side parts you cut off to make a ruffle or a split panel on the bottom for an extra bit of length?

  4. that print is AH-MAZING!!! And hope you were having a great time at createAthon, I’m writing this from my conference in Tenerife ( sigh, hard life) where sadly the plastic name-tag is the only thiing that unites us poor conference-goers. I think I’ll have to push them into organizing shirts for the next one;)

  5. I love your company’s give-back spirit. So inspirational! I have modified large tshirts as well but because I am tallish, I do a L/XL and usually add a band of eyelet or another cute stretchy knit at the bottom to make it at least an acceptable length for leggings or tights. Love how innovative you always are ❤️❤️

  6. I love it! I would also wear it for the Thanksgiving holiday as a tunic over orange leggings and throw a big brown belt around it! As for your 24 hour stint; I work for a non profit and also work with several other non profits in our community and this is what I always tell people…..Work is something you do to feed your bank account; community service is something you do to feed your soul!

  7. I always ask for extra larger sized shirts at my work too. Because most times the shirts they get are designed for men and I just want to room to be able to alter the sides and shoulders to better fit my womanly figure. Holy cow, though, I wouldn’t’ve thought of a dress! Awesome idea!!

  8. I didn’t have time to read this, just needed to click and comment. GIRL, your face is so damn good in those *before* pics. Rock on with your bad self!!

    • This is my first visit to your blog and I must admit I am totally in love with your beautiful spirit and wonderful talent. Know, lovely girl, that you are inspiring even to us way over here in the Caribbean, I saw that you were wondering how come we choose to visit your blog as opposed to the hipper and savvier bloggers … I think I understood correctly … well, its because we can “feel” you through your blog and you are our friend, our sister, the girl who lives next door and you are a darling!!! Thanks for the visit, I shall be back!!


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