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A One-Shoulder Dress Refashion

Athens Excursion Dress Refashion (With a Pocket!)
Kasia's Reader ReFash

Hi!  I’m back!

I feel like I’ve been having to say that way too much lately.  I’ve done a lousy job of posting here, as I’ve had a lousy time creating anything.  I’m in a major creative funk, you guys.  🙁

I’m trying to slog my way through it, but it’s really tough.  I’m used to being able to create new exciting things without having to try very hard.  

But lately, when I look at my refashion rack, I don’t see endless possibilities for fun and play.  I’m struggling to see the awesome frock hiding in the frump these days, and that sucks.  

I’ve taken breaks.  I’ve been working on other creative projects and find myself struggling just as hard with those.

The last time I was in a creative crisis of this magnitude, I started my 366 Day Project.

Maybe it’s time to do that again…

I really don’t know.  Seriously…if you have any advice, it would be most welcome.

Anywho…we’re starting to get a few warm days here in SC, so I thought I might lighten my dour spirits with this fun little number:

One shoulder dress refashion before
Fun, yes?

I like those fun little dots and the tiered skirt could be really terrific.  But I am so completely and utterly over sleeves, okay?

To get started, I chopped off everything below the sleeves.

cutting off dress below sleeves
Wave buh-bye, little sleeves!

I hemmed that top raw edge…

tucking and pinning new top of dress
The old tuck ‘n pin!
sewing new top of dress

Then, I put it on my dress form, and saw the top part was going to be waaay to baggy and saggy to work for what I had in mind.

Soooo…I took in a smidge front he back.

taking in dress from the back
This also removes that now-functionless zipper!

Okay, so that top edge is closed up, but so what?  It’s still not going to stay up that way, now is it?

I know what I said about hating sleeves, but I thought they might come in handy after all!

using sleeve as shoulder for dress refashion
Do you see where I’m going with this?

I took one of the sleeves, and pinned it to the front and back of my new dress like so:

pinning shoulder onto dress refashion
Inside-out front!
back of dress refashion
Inside-out back!

I stitched the sleeve down, then used my pinking shears on the back section to trim off the extra fabric.

Check it out now!

one shoulder dress refashion after
Not too bad!

I wore my cute new dress for a fun brunch spent sharing photos from a recent vacation with my favorite people!  🙂

david and blender
The cruise may be over, but our fondness for delicious slushy beverages remains!
Erin is up to no good...
Erin is up to no good…
Jillian and Erin
…which is why she’s friends with me! 🙂
Close-up of the front of one shoulder dress refashion
Close-up of the front…complete with really awkward facial expression!

Thanks for bearing with me as I try to get my mojo back.  I promise I’m not quitting this blog…just trying to get re-inspired.  You’re awesome for tolerating me.  🙂

A One-Shoulder Dress Refashion 4
Life was easier in paradise…*sigh*


refashionista one shoulder refashion before and after
Athens Excursion Dress Refashion (With a Pocket!)
Kasia's Reader ReFash