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A One-Shoulder Dress Refashion

Athens Excursion Dress Refashion (With a Pocket!)
Kasia's Reader ReFash

Hi!  I’m back!

I feel like I’ve been having to say that way too much lately.  I’ve done a lousy job of posting here, as I’ve had a lousy time creating anything.  I’m in a major creative funk, you guys.  πŸ™

I’m trying to slog my way through it, but it’s really tough.  I’m used to being able to create new exciting things without having to try very hard.  

But lately, when I look at my refashion rack, I don’t see endless possibilities for fun and play.  I’m struggling to see the awesome frock hiding in the frump these days, and that sucks.  

I’ve taken breaks.  I’ve been working on other creative projects and find myself struggling just as hard with those.

The last time I was in a creative crisis of this magnitude, I started my 366 Day Project.

Maybe it’s time to do that again…

I really don’t know.  Seriously…if you have any advice, it would be most welcome.

Anywho…we’re starting to get a few warm days here in SC, so I thought I might lighten my dour spirits with this fun little number:

One shoulder dress refashion before
Fun, yes?

I like those fun little dots and the tiered skirt could be really terrific.  But I am so completely and utterly over sleeves, okay?

To get started, I chopped off everything below the sleeves.

cutting off dress below sleeves
Wave buh-bye, little sleeves!

I hemmed that top raw edge…

tucking and pinning new top of dress
The old tuck ‘n pin!
sewing new top of dress

Then, I put it on my dress form, and saw the top part was going to be waaay to baggy and saggy to work for what I had in mind.

Soooo…I took in a smidge front he back.

taking in dress from the back
This also removes that now-functionless zipper!

Okay, so that top edge is closed up, but so what?  It’s still not going to stay up that way, now is it?

I know what I said about hating sleeves, but I thought they might come in handy after all!

using sleeve as shoulder for dress refashion
Do you see where I’m going with this?

I took one of the sleeves, and pinned it to the front and back of my new dress like so:

pinning shoulder onto dress refashion
Inside-out front!
back of dress refashion
Inside-out back!

I stitched the sleeve down, then used my pinking shears on the back section to trim off the extra fabric.

Check it out now!

one shoulder dress refashion after
Not too bad!

I wore my cute new dress for a fun brunch spent sharing photos from a recent vacation with my favorite people!  πŸ™‚

david and blender
The cruise may be over, but our fondness for delicious slushy beverages remains!
Erin is up to no good...
Erin is up to no good…
Jillian and Erin
…which is why she’s friends with me! πŸ™‚
Close-up of the front of one shoulder dress refashion
Close-up of the front…complete with really awkward facial expression!

Thanks for bearing with me as I try to get my mojo back.  I promise I’m not quitting this blog…just trying to get re-inspired.  You’re awesome for tolerating me.  πŸ™‚

A One-Shoulder Dress Refashion 4
Life was easier in paradise…*sigh*


refashionista one shoulder refashion before and after
Athens Excursion Dress Refashion (With a Pocket!)
Kasia's Reader ReFash

135 thoughts on “A One-Shoulder Dress Refashion”

  1. I am convinced there isn’t a dress hideous enough that you couldn’t change it up and be adorable in. I mean patriotic teddy bears didn’t deter you. You cut out a pepper that looked like a banana and rocked it. Have you ever had a FAIL? I just want to know you are human!?!

  2. Also, if you have a P.O. box you can easily enforce the rules…anyone that sends you more than one full outfit (if that’s a rule you want to make) you can just donate it and you’re still doing something good. Make rules about colors or cuts of clothing. Try to find a resale place that has a rewards program if you don’t know one yet. Grab a tax writeoff form when you donate (the savers and boys and girls club here does it) and have an awesome refund because of it at the end of the year. Anything that you don’t love can easily be donated and you will have a plethora of supplies/inventory; And there can be a quick turnaround. If you check your mailbox and have a few new outfits every few days it’ll be pretty hard to be in a creative slum.

    Love you miss refashionista

  3. Hey beautiful. I think you should have a p.o. box set up that people can send only one piece of clothing for you to refashion. So people can feel like they are contributing to your blog and you can get free supplies too! I know I personally have at least 3 or 4 pieces right now I would send to you. And I frequently donate things I think you could make magic out of. How frequently would your readers check back on your blog if they know they sent you something that might be featured?!? More frequent readers and free supplies for your blog!! Awesome..right?

  4. beautiful refash as always! One way I reenergize my creativity is to try to learn new techniques. I’ve even gone as far as looking at free books on sewing from google books. sometimes the books are really old and have techniques I’ve never heard of before, or long gone styles that have interesting details to look at. This is what gets my mind buzzing. I hope it might help you too!!

  5. I hope you get back into your groove soon!

    Maybe you could make videos or step by step instructions? If you’re getting bored with your stuff because you do it so often, maybe teaching others how to sew would help reignite the spark?

  6. I enjoy your refashionista projects – maybe for a creative challenge you could branch out into areas beyond clothes. Sewing related home decorating projects perhaps? If Scarlett O’Hara could make a dress of out curtains, maybe you can make curtains out of a dress.

  7. So, I’m not going for blazae…
    But you might be expecting too much from yourself.
    Baby steps so you’re not overwhelmed.
    You may feel like you “owe” your readers something because we subscribed to you, but I personally don’t feel that way.
    Take your time to feel better so you can come back with a better vision and possibly even better creations to share… no pressure πŸ™‚

  8. Hi Jillian!
    I just found your blog a few weeks ago and had to read all the way to the beginning! You are such an inspiration. I’m a self taught sewer and mainly did simple tailoring to make things fit me (I’m a shorty) but am recently branching out into true refashions. Your blog has given me a lot of ideas and made me less afraid to try something. Wish I had thought to take pictures of the things I’ve already done.

    I do have a question for you though. A friend recently gave me a gorgeous silk dress that has a lining and a side zipper that’s about three sizes too big for me. How would you go about taking in a dress like this? I’ve been putting it off because I’m scared of ruining it.

    Thanks so much for sharing you amazing creations!

  9. Don’t be hard on yourself, we all go through it. I’ve learned the worst thing is to fight it. Let it be & something will come up that you realise may the root of the block. The feel of the return of your mojo is wonderful, it will come when you’re ready. Trust. Xx

  10. I love to browse Pinterest for an injection of inspiration! And I strongly recommend you to do other things; visiting art museums, watching films, reading books and so on. And don’t worry; what you’re feeling is perfectly normal. πŸ™‚ Best of luck!

  11. When I’m in a creative rut I take a lot of materials etc away from myself, and it forces me to think in a new way (I have no idea if that makes sense) For instance, if I can’t think of anything to do with the kajillion pieces of fabric in my stash, I tie it all up in a bag, put it away and leave one or two pieces out, same with paints, etc! Good luck, I love your blog!

  12. As a creative person, I totally get in a funk sometimes. Honestly, sometimes all it takes is doing something crazy and different, and completely out of your comfort zone. Like for me, I baked a cake ( I never bake, I followed a recipe and everything) and tried my hand at painting! Just the difference in medium was great, and combined with good music and a cup of tea, I felt better.

  13. I’ll be another one to say don’t feel bad about being in a funk. Take a break, or try something new. Make some curtains or learn to knit or plant some herbs or read a book. Or not. It’s ok. I think winter has been exceptionally long and difficult for most everyone in North America πŸ˜‰

  14. Hello there. I love your blog and am always impressed by your incredible 4 years of dedication and hundreds of refashions. Maybe its time to upgrade your business with a publisist to take the best of your collection and get your name and brand out. I see great things for you.

  15. I’m continually amazed by your awesomeness πŸ™‚ This is so cute! You’ve inspired me to try a few refashions of my own, with much less successful results, but I’m getting better. Keep on keeping on, and know that your readers appreciate the creativity you’re bringing into our lives!

  16. The dress ended up being super-cute! Welcome back! We all have creative funks and you just have to find something to inspire you again. Spring always inspires me, hopefully the warmer weather will do the same for you!

  17. Love the dress! When I get in a creative funk I go for a run or swim or something that is kind of repetative so that I can zone out and just day dream. Eventually my daydreams turn into project ideas.

  18. First of all, don’t feel bad for being in a slump! We all have those, even us creative types! Second, that is the most adorable dress I have ever seen. I recently went thrifting and picked up some hopeful frocks that I can have some fun with. My sewing skills are menial but I am trying, I am more of a quilter. Oh and I was in SC last week, Charleston….I love it down there. THinking about a move someday!

  19. Jillian, you sort of put yourself out there in your blog (and may I add are quite inspirational because at the age of 50 I decided to knock “learning to sew on a sewing machine” off my bucket list after following your blog) so I am going to be honest with you. Your “creative funk” is just a symptom. It has nothing to do with the winter or the dark or a lack of inspiration. It has to do with how you deal with your relationships and the end of your relationships. Deal with that issue and the rest will come.

  20. Jillian…..You are totally gifted! Thanks to God for your gifts.You are truly an angel on earth. So many people love you and you are an inspiration on top of that. Not too shabby . Just thought I’d share this truth.

  21. New reader randomly found you and I too reside in s.c. I have a furniture blog. I go into funks all of the time. I LOVE EVERYTHING you. Even if it looks deplorable and ridiculous you find a way to make it cute and relevant, your petite little bod doesn’t hurt either. Anyways creative funks happen to us all. Seriously it’s just our juices saving up for when they start to flow again.

  22. Hi, this was a nice refash to start getting those making ideas back!

    I don’t blog but I make a lot of refashions for myself too. I think my block for blogging (?) is being to perfectionistic about how the pre and after shots look, the styling and making everything look simple etc. well that might not be your problem….but I know

    I got back to my sewing room after some weeks because:

    I saw the TVshow: the great british sewing bee on You tube (and other streams) they show you fun refashions and make some details in sewing quite clear.

    I remodelled and styled my sewing room, now I really like to be there and make new things for me and for in the room itself…

    I bought a magazine with all the spring summer runway shows to inspire me making cool new spring fashion for a new wardrobe….

    please remember,
    you do this because it it is fun, for you….
    yes: * fun * for * you * (and we get to share in it πŸ˜‰

    from the Netherlands

  23. One thing that inspires us through creative slumps/funks are themed sewing competitions! Which is one reason why we are hosting Challenge Create: Adult Edition starting March 31st. We would be so honored if you came over and sewed along! You are our favorite refashionista!

  24. No advice.. being a non-creative person myself I’m in awe of people who are. Just a simple hang in there.. and I still love your blog! πŸ™‚ At this point I’ve been following for years… I almost feel like every post is just a quick catch up in your life. (Ok.. I’m sounding slightly like a creeper.) You’ll get the mojo back. πŸ™‚

  25. You could try something other than clothes. Make jewelry, hair accessories. Find one of those floppy hats and try dying it a fun color. Cover a pair of scuffed up shoes with a great printed fabric.

  26. The prom dress idea is great. I just did one myself by dying and shortening an old second hand wedding dress. Maybe do something inspired by one of your favourite movies or books. Sometimes creating for someone else helps. Find something in a friend’s closet that they don’t wear anymore and have them involved in the creative process (or just surprise them with the refashion).

  27. How about doing a sideline. 101 things to do with a shoulder pad?
    But seriously. You’re too hard on yourself. You’ve created hundreds of original unusual things. You’ve earned a break. So take one!

  28. Hey, just relax and work through those doldrums. You’ve inspired me to do my very first refashionist project–just in time for a wedding this weekend. It was just a top I already had that needed a little revamp, but after looking at all your great posts, I just went for it. It turned out to be just what I needed. I’ll be waiting patiently for you to come back with more great refashions that inspire me to make the most of what I have in my closet! Thank you!

  29. You have been creating non stop for several years. It only makes sense that you would hit a slump. I crochet and when I hit a dead end I take a break and look for inspiration. After you’ve done something for so long you feel as if you’ve seen it all. I started looking a crochet pieces from other countries and I was blown away. The pieces I saw were so inspiring. I hope you get what you need soon. That feeling is so frustrati. Good luck!

  30. Perhaps some basic tutorials might be in order? I know that might be redundant to many of your followers (ha, makes it sound like a cult!), but for the newbies it would be extremely helpful and might also provide some inspiration to advanced seamstresses as well. For example, I got my very first sewing machine for Christmas and have yet to use it. I feel overwhelmed by all the feet and stitches and bobbins, oh my! So I could see doing basic size alterations with more in depth steps and pics, an explanation of what all those stitches are and how they are used, basic hemming for jeans, etc. That way, you are still creating and teaching, but without having to overstress yourself to be new and exciting! It’s a win-win!

    Also, I personally wouldn’t mind seeing some of your other creative ideas. I’m sure that most of your followers (don’t drink the Kool-Aid) are creative people in other areas than just refashions. While this might border on changing the idea of this blog, I think it could be managed delicately, with just a “Whatever Wednesday” type deal, where you get to pick what you want to feature and it doesn’t have to be a refashion.

    That’s my two-cents. Whatever you decide to do, keep moving forward!!

  31. Being in a creative slump sucks but I have an idea! My favorite game to play on your site is a little game I made up called “guess what.” I play by myself every time I visit this site. You post a “before” dress. Then I try to guess how you will refashion it. Some times i’m right, sometimes i’m wrong. Sometimes i’m TOTALLY surprised at the edits you make to clothes.

    How about a variation on “guess what”. You post a dress and let the readers vote on how to change it.

    It might be fun! PLUS you’ll get to tap into the creativity of your readers.

  32. As a writer and sketcher, creative slumps (“art block”) are common and awful. I find that making collages is a fun, stress-relieving way to get inspired. It makes me feel like I’m in kindergarten again– who doesn’t want to kick back with a stack of magazines in their favorite armchair? Cut out anything that stands out to you– a funky pair of heels, an eye, a decorative pasta dish, cool furniture, interesting patterns and typography… Slap it all on a sheet of paper/cardboard/etc. and you’re all done! You can even think of it in groups. A collage of only pink items, a collage of everything related to water (swimsuits, floaties, fish, sandals, etc…). Also, go onto Flickr, Tumblr, and other photography websites to get the creative juices flowing.

    Hope this helps!

  33. You Always have so much inspiration and you give so much inspiration ! Its okΓ© to have a break once and a while; reloading the refash will come to you again, just give yourself some credit ! You made a really fun & beautiful dress out of the bleu one with the dots. You still have much creativity left !! I admire you because many times I really wouldn’t know what to do with the clothes you show us in ‘before’. It always amazes me. (Y)

  34. I love the dress, I love your blog and projects and I’d selfishly miss you if you stopped refashioning but….when something you love becomes a chore then maybe it’s time to take a break. Sometimes I have to drop a project and come back to it after I’ve got my creative mojo back. I know this winter has been horrible and dragged on forever. I’ve had the winter blahs for months.

    You are constantly refashioning, you did the 366 project which I loved but that was a lot of work. Give yourself a break and have some fun or find another way to challenge yourself creatively. Your friends know you the best and they seem like great peeps (from the funny pics) so maybe invite them over for some beer/wine/good food and have a creative mind meld. Ask them for ideas and just see what they put out there; maybe something will inspire you. If not; it’s a good reason for a party!

    Whatever you decide; you have to do what is best for you and know that your fans are all supporting you!

  35. I just stumbled on here by sheer accident but I am glad to be here. You see I too am in a huge creative funk and it seems the harder I look for it the farther is is from me. Inspiration I believe comes from other generous artists who share their work with us. Seeing other artists work ignites something in the rest of us. So please keep on sharing, keep on caring and hopefully we both will get out of our funk soon.

  36. Selfishly, I want the 366 project back again! I loved seeing what you made each day. Of course, that is a huge time commitment and I don’t know how you did it!

    I love the idea of finding another idea to keep you moving, though. A service idea is a great place to start! Maybe you could commit to a certain number of looks per week and donate them to a specific cause at the end, or sell them and donate the money at the end. A Refashionista auction would be pretty amazing! Maybe you could also do a color theme each month or some other type of theme. How about a matching doggy outfit for each of your outfits and donate proceeds from both to an animal charity.

    Whatever you do will be spectacular, and I hope it inspires you!

  37. I think around here it’s the long winter…I’m starting to lose my “sewjo” and really want it back. So I’m taking a bit of a break and doing some of the other creative things I enjoy. I find I go in cycles between input & output when it comes to creativity. Time now to fill up the reservoir again.

  38. I think you’ve gotten lots of great advice already. All I would add is that maybe you are expecting too much from yourself – you’ve been a very prolific blogger all along and that’s a hard pace to keep up.

    I do crafts and I find myself being interested in one thing quite intensely for awhile, then it peters out and I have to figure out what “the next thing” is. Maybe that’s the issue for you, maybe not. Give yourself time and space and it will become clear πŸ™‚

  39. I always enjoy seeing what you come up with , but my faves have been when you were doing your refashes FOR someone or something
    (365’s you donated, the fashion show, costume design) I think it’s like housework. You can’t get pumped to do it just for yourself, but cleaning to get ready FOR a party is easy to knock out.

    Another idea…have readers send you something to redo. Like “Stump the Refashionista.”

    I think you rock and keeping up such a highly creative blog has got to come with “blocks.” You’ll get your grove back, Stella!

  40. Such a cute ruffly dress!
    When I was a kid, my mom used to refashion her clothes into cute things for me. My old friends still remember the cute tweed mini skirts and things she would make for me. Your blog and creativity remind me of her. Thanks!! πŸ™‚

  41. Popped on to say it will go and keep your chin up to find everyone else got here before me! This is a gorgeous little dress.
    As one of the ladies above said I think that it is worth going back to look at past re-fashions to see if you would do anything different now and maybe getting together with some other crafty sewers too, as another young lady suggests too! Love what you do – keep on plugging and it will come right in the end xx

  42. Love the dress. I would have used both sleeves so I could wear it to work with a cute sweater. You clearly have a tiny waist, you could probably get by not wearing a belt at all.
    By the comments above, you clearly have been missed. I agree with all the suggestions but most of all, give back some of your time and talent. Somehow that always seems to make everything worthwhile…


  43. Girl………I feel ya! I have been in a super rut as far as my crafting goes. I’ve found that running and paddle boarding helps. Literally picking yourself up and taking your body physically out of your comfort zone makes you get re-inspired. I’ve found that the more activities or sports I do I realize I need to make something to enhance the experience…like tweaking my hydration pack or adding key pockets to spandex or experimenting with quick dry fabrics.

    I have had a hard time doing any crafty things around babies. All our friends are preggers and we have had a terrible desperate time for years trying to get pregnant. As much as I want to make cute baby blankets and burp cloths I honestly can’t get myself to break out my sewing machine. I just don’t have it in me to cry that much. Maybe you just need a break. Keep posting the reader re-fash and keep writing. We love your blog because of your voice too–not just because of your amazing refashions. Hugs to you!

  44. You are creative and impressive and amazing! I can totally understand the funk problem. I’ve been there myself. I still find myself now and then. It’s way too easy to just get comfortable on the couch and do nothing. Just know that every post you put up here is LOVED by me (and apparently a whole ton of other people based on these fantastic comments. I’m always looking forward to your creations. Keep your chin up and don’t beat up on yourself too much. The funk will end. (Side note: I adore the 366 Day Project and totally wouldn’t cry if you did something like it again. πŸ˜‰ )

  45. Maybe if you worked for a local charity, say like Dress for Success or a Job placement center where people are re-entering the work force and can’t afford new clothes, maybe you could refashion a work and play wardrobe for one person who the placement center would pick from clothes from Goodwill or whereever you get your treasures. It might make you feel your creative juices flowing if it is for someone else! Good luck and thank- you so much! I really look forward to seeing your redesigns!

  46. Well you may be in a creative funk, but you still refashioned a gorgeous, really cute dress. What about doing a group “workshopped” refashion – ie take a picture of yourself in one of the pieces you have on your refashion rack and then get your readers to make suggestions about what to do with it? And then you do your favourite of the reader suggested refashions?

    If that makes sense . . .

  47. I love your dress. It looks amazing. I am hoping to wear more dresses this summer…inspired by you!

    As for your funk…I’m in one too! A different type of funk, but one none the less. I would suggest making a major change, but something that you will be happy with. Like don’t shave your head unless its something you’ve always wanted to do. Or try out for a play, join a club, take a class, do something out of the box for you. Although, I feel like you are really outgoing, so maybe I should suggest you hit up a library and read. πŸ™‚

  48. Doll, what you do in a “funk” puts other bloggers to shame.

    IF you’re really looking for idea’s here’s a quick brain-storm: You could swap an awful outfit with another blogger for a re-fash challenge. Or incorporate some other thing you like to do like a photo shop lesson for aspiring bloggers feature an advertiser. How about connecting with a “Working wardrobe” charity and teach a little fashion class of easy fixes for beginners. (Be sure to post us their projects and class highlights) Take your talents out into the world, girl. We need you!

    You have mad skills. Don’t sell yourself short due to a tiny slump. I’ll be sticking around.

  49. I want to start by saying that I really enjoy your blog posts. You are awesome! I wanted to write and let you know what helps to get me out of creative slumps. I hope this helps. Here it is: Instead of concentrating on things that still need to be done, I remind myself of things that are already done. This is a fun project – and it surely beats concentrating on things that aren’t done yet or that need to be done. When my mind is set on thinking of things not done mode I sometimes struggle to turn it around in the other direction. I start small. ‘Oh, oh! I just brushed my teeth! That’s done!’ Like that. I start small, and before I know it, my mind is the already-done groove, and I find myself amazed at all that is already done. Thanks for reading this. Hope it helps. Keep up the good work. And now I’m going to go take my own advice; I’ve been in a slump of my own lately!. Susan

  50. Seasons change, you will change. Just think, in another month it will be warm and all this weird weather and feelings of funk will be faraway memories. You need a challenge that is not of yourself or for yourself to get your creative brain jump started again. It’s when doing for others that we always do our best work. FInd a project with energy! Find a high school that have girls who need help with prom – or make outfits for the meerkats at the zoo in Colombia – they looked chilly the last time I was there, and they are so cute! But with your skills and talents you could really reach/teach young women how to stretch their budgets in socially responsible ways, think of all the girls in foster care who age out at 18 and don’t know how to budget for seasonal wardrobe changes. And have you been on a college campus lately? All the girls dress like han solo? Dafuq? It’s so confusing – worse than under armour as pants – they need you too. You could do a whole series on turning menswear into a whole spring line…. start with a trench – I’m so excited to see what you get into next!

  51. I am sooo familiar with the “creative funk.”

    I think the best advice is to do whatever makes you feel passionate about creating again, even if it has nothing to do with refashioning. (Julia Cameron of The Artist’s Way suggests letting yourself “play” with other art forms at least once a week.)

    As far as refashioning goes, I think it would be fun if you made something for someone with a different body shape. Bring a friend over to your to-be-refashioned rack (or to the thrift shop), say. . .once a week, once every two weeks. . .and let them pick a color or pattern that speaks to them.

    Or maybe you could make some pieces for some local charity actions.

    Or maybe you could find way to connect with people who are currently unemployed and need clothing appropriate for job interviews. (This can especially be an issue among those who are homeless and seeking work.)

    I love your refashions, but I was particularly impressed when you made pieces for that fashion show because it showed a broad range of body types (and the broad range of your skills).

    And maybe you could do some more refashions that aren’t necessarily clothing (e.g., pillows, purses, bags, jewelry, scarves, seat covers, tea towels, belts, rugs, furniture, etc.).

    I don’t know. Do the thing that makes you excited, even if it makes you wonder, “Can I really do that?”

  52. When I am tired of refashioning clothes, I try to make something for the house. And when I am tired of home decor, I get back to the clothes pile.

  53. Very cute!! I hear you on the lack of creative mojo, been there, done that more times than I care to think about. This too shall pass. In the meantime, post about some other fun stuff going on–I think we all love hearing about your adventures!

  54. I read through all the posts so far and I thought the best suggestions were: (1) use someone else as your muse for a while; (2) work on some sort of theme each month, and (3) some sort of refashions for charity. Somebody suggested turning dresses into hospital gowns for long-term patients. I don’t know if that is feasible with often polyester material but it’s a thought. I’ve been making dresses for charity – girl’s dresses from pillowcases, that’s the basic style – when my projects don’t work out.

    You have inspired many of us! Don’t get too down if you’re going through a funk; it happens.

  55. With prom season coming up maybe you could either do something with old prom dresses or make some new funky ones? I know that’s one really your demographic but I love tacky old prom dresses haha but in all seriousness I love your blog. πŸ™‚

  56. Funk or not, I always smile when I see you blog pop up. You have inspired so many, including my daughter (who regularly raids MY closet to find something to refashion!). I love the idea of you going into someone else’s closet and refashioning- who hasn’t wanted to do that to other peoples houses? Of course, I would love to see you on HGTV…get back into theatah, dahling; work with other creative people to get your mojo flowing!

  57. I so enjoy your posts whether they are often or not. I liked one idea for you to refashion a friends wardrobe. How about doing fashions for chunkier ladies such as myself. I cannot pull off all of the belted numbers like you can. I would love to see some refashions for all sizes of people. That would be something a little different.
    Don’t worry though you will be back in fighting form in no time. Thank you for entertaining us for all these years! I love it!

  58. I love the redo. Sending you warm fuzzy thoughts…don’t stress too much over the creative block. Sometimes we’re stalled for a reason that we can’t quite see yet.

  59. I’m experiencing your problem in reverse. I have lots of sewing ideas in my head and can’t wait to get started but I have to complete my Masters dissertation first and I have totally lost interest in it with just 40 days to go. Somebody has said to me with writers block to stop trying to look at the same section over and over again and start in a different place to see if kickstarts the writing again, so maybe you should stop looking at the uninspiring clothes and go on a thrift spree to find some that do inspire you or look in your wardrobe to see if there is something you need. I liked some of the earlier comments suggesting you make for someone else. I also like the comment about making avant garde clothing for everyday wear and I have enjoyed reading the blogs where you have made your own version of a designer item, so perhaps your readers you suggest items for you to make based on a theme or maybe you could make for people you don’t normally make for such as children, old people or plus size. I hope you get inspired soon as I enjoy reading your blogs.

  60. Don’t work too hard to get your mojo back. Just let it flow, watch good movies, read books, look at art, listen to music. Relax and creativity will find you again.

  61. I just found your site and have enjoyed reading through all your refashions; you are truly one very talented person. You should show your outfits you were wearing on your cruise. I have sewed garments for my daughter; but have never tried to refashion one; I am going to go shopping at our local good will and thrift shops in hopes to mind my first refashion piece.

  62. You never fail to amaze me with how you refashion clothes – you’re very imaginative πŸ™‚
    As for your creative slump – maybe you could start refashioning clothes for other people (in particular, people who can’t afford clothes, or just are in need of a boost)? I know you have donated a lot of your refashioned clothes, so it kinda carries on that theme of helping others. And it might help you get out of the (what I imagine is only temporary) slump by giving you a different creative process (and perspective) – you know, different shapes, sizes, preferences, style, etc. Just an idea! πŸ™‚

  63. I highly recommend the book The Artist’s Way. It was written exactly for this kind of situation – creative blockage. You can download a sample on Kindle.

    Lutsa hugs.

  64. I thought of you and your blog when I learned about this today: Your blog has inspired me to think more carefully about cheap fashion I purchase, buy used clothing, and make my own clothing. You are truly an inspiration, so keep on, girl! Maybe remembering why you do all this in the first place might help light your fire again.

  65. Love this refash. If you’re running into a creative funk, I love the idea above of watching old films (20s, 30s, 40s) for some new and creative ideas. What about also considering doing 1 outfit a week for a needy family or children? Sometimes it’s easier to be wacky/fun/creative with kids’ clothes (or bags, or hats or toys) than it is with women’s clothes. Just a thought. You could even try repurposing fabric into stuffed animals (or monsters!).

  66. I love the idea of refashioning for someone else! A friend’s closet, or prom dress refashion for a teen are great ideas. I also love your wannabe Wednesday segments. Keep doing just those πŸ™‚ you’re doing great! Thank you!

  67. been wondering what happened to you! sorry you are in a funk, keep those creative juices flowing- we all need your creativeness! cute dress πŸ™‚

  68. I know how hard it can be to get the creative juices flowing. Are you going to hit Ignite!, the Transformus sister burn in May? It’s a little less of a time commitment, and it might be a good jolt for you – you’ll get the Crazies you got in Mysteria last summer, and some of the theme camps you enjoyed, too. Make a vision board of your angsty ickies and let it go up in flames, sister lady!

  69. You could look up some ridiculous, avant garde, no place to wear it clothing and find something with a great shape, pattern or color and make a wearable version of it.

  70. I love your blog in part because you’re so honest. Thanks for admitting to your real feelings. You obviously touched a nerve for a lot of us. And now we can move on. Personally I liked the surprise of the wide strap but then I’m a bit “older” than your average reader!

  71. My advice would be, if it doesn’t feel like fun, don’t do it. If it does, do it, even if it’s just petting your dog. Excitement is a thread that leads to all other excitement and that leads to a fulfilled abundant life ; )

  72. I love this one! It’s fun and funky and looks like summer. It’s -15 celcius here in Alberta, Canada today and we just got another dump of snow, so I’m really pining for summer and summer wear! As for your creative funk, how about working on something different, like making a swim suit, or refashioning a bridal gown, or some puppy wear! Although it’s probably too hot where you live for puppy wear, but you get the idea, do something completely different. Craft something for Easter, like maybe one of those old fashioned glorious Easter hats that women used to wear to church. Something fun and frivolous!

  73. Jillian, I love the idea of refashioning for someone else. When I get in a slump, I refashion for my daughter. I also do sewing jobs for around the house (covering old pillows or making a new duvet cover). Works every home for me:)

  74. You rock, lady! I get a lot of inspiration from your site. I feel creative blah periods too sometimes – and it’s good to take time off once in a while. But if I’m looking to be inspired, I check out different refashion blogs to get charged, as well as browsing the thrift stores. While I mostly fix/refashion clothes for myself, I also get inspired when making stuff for others – friends and family. And making theatre costumes is such a blast! I’ve made a couple Renaissance costumes for Shakespeare plays – and lots of fairy costumes for them, too. Another thing that gives me a lift is checking out some of Bill Cunningham’s short videos. He has such a lovely eye, and optimistic vibe. It’s fun to see what people are wearing! Challenges, exchanges, and sewing bees can set deadlines that help push forward. And bringing other people in means you feel the group support.
    Hope you shake the winter blahs and get back your creative spirit!

  75. Hey do not worry, we all run into those periods of slow creativity and that is ok, I get crazy when I fall into the “ueber creativity” if you know what I mean, like too many creative ideas swirling around my head and not enough time to do them or not being able to decide with which one to start.

    I am doing Spring Cleaning, although there is no Spring in Site in the larger Chicago Area, but blue skies and sun helps. So I am starting with my closets, everything out….
    Clean the closet may be even a fresh coat of paint, and then separating it all
    a) fits b) what fits put it together in outfits — hang all color coordinated in the closet
    c) organize by 1. complete outfits 2. tops short and long sleeves 3. dresses 4. skirts
    5. pants all types and length 6. jackets etc.
    d) old worn, hate and can do nothing else with it off to donations
    and yes e) is my hardest part something about it is great the fabric the print something
    but it does not fit too big, style outdated, too tight whatever so all on one
    big rack to BECOME MY OWN REFASHIONISTA without any expertise…

    Do you feel for me?
    So my original plan is to just to the separation, and then decide what I can do with the
    cannot detach myself from them items…… I am shooting for trying to combine tops with skirts/bottoms to turn them into fitting one piece items Anything you have you could
    do and encourage me???
    Good job with the last refashion, I wish I’d be as tiny as you….. but I am not so my styling will be a bit more difficult to accommodate the curves.
    I cannot wait to see your next refashion….
    Edith YourChicagoConnection

  76. I find when I get in a funk that it’s quite motivating to do something for others. Sometimes I have to take the focus off myself. Why not try to do a refashion for a teenager in a group home or foster care that may need an outfit for or an adult in need that may be in want. Sometimes, we get glutted on acquiring things for ourselves. (This is not intended to say you are self-centred or greedy, so please don’t ready anything into it) I think you are great!

  77. This dress is great, I love it! I’ve often been in a creative funk. What I sometimes do is to create anyway and a lot. The outcomes may be absolutely awful, but eventually, my creativity comes back and I am able to do new things that are much better.

  78. Reading your blog posts is the highlight in the slump of my day–they always come to my box in the middle of the day and make the afternoon brighter! I appreciate them whenever they come. I second what the others are saying. I bet it’s a temporary slump (ooh winter!) and the next thing you know you’ll be churning out blog posts left and right! But don’t force the creativity! We’ll be here!

  79. Oh- I SO SO SO wish you would do that 366 day challenge again. I looked forward to that every day -even though I seldom commented. I just could not believe you had the mojo to do that and still have a life. You are so talented and it is a shame NOT to use that wonderful creativity that you have in you! Just MY 2 cents! xo Diana

  80. Oh how I wish u weren’t n a funk!! If only u knew how happy u made all of us…YOUR FANS!!! I think I would just leap for joy if u did ANOTHER 366 day project!! That was one of the GRANDEST things I’ve ever experienced! It’s what got me hooked on ur site! Good luck, best wishes n PLEASE KEEP US HAPPY

  81. Talk to KFox about it. She had a great reply for me when I was feeling in a slump. It has something to do with the normal thing that happens when you get so good at what you’re doing that it seems mundane. Something like that. Mine went away. Yours will too πŸ™‚

  82. Very cute refash– I love the tiered ruffles. But I hear you when it comes to lack of interest in sewing/refashioning. I have no advice to give because I’m in that same place with my own blog right now…I hope we both find what we need to kick start our engines again!

  83. Well, my mojo is missing too! I think it’s frozen under a snow bank. Which is very likely this winter! Spring is just around the corner and with it are new beginnings. Keep on smilin’!

  84. This is so cute! How about some accessories so it doesn’t feel like such a big project? Bags, belts, cuffs and collars? And am sure you have plenty of haberdashery bits ( I always think you must have loads of buttons!) to play with!
    Good luck and keep your chin up! πŸ˜‰

  85. I love the dress but would nix the strap. Looks like you added it just bc you had the extra fabric. Overkill. And you could rock the strapless look.

    As for your slump. Been there just diggin my way out. I’m in NC and as in SC the weather is swinging back in the right direction. I like to take my camera, roll down the windows and just drive to no where and take photos of the landscape, architecture and people on the street. Don’t forget a thermos of pink lemonade!

    Good luck! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next. You are very inspiring!

  86. I concur with both Chica and Melissa. Winter is just ending and all that cold and dark mutes creativity. I love your blog and totally enjoyed the recent posts from your adorable douglas puppy. I know i don’t know you, but I think your blog shows you to be a very creative person in general. I suspect you don’t give yourself enough credit on all the ways your unique creativity reveals itself. I googled “boosting your creativity”. Here are my top 2 picks:

    Also, consider how your menstrual cycle may be affecting you. I am just in perimenopause and now that my cycle is wiggy I can clearly see/feel how where i am in the cycle affects everything – my thinking, my reactions, my energy.

    And finally, I have found that it is extremely important for me to remember that ALL emotions are things that come and go and while I can take steps to influence that flow, I cannot just decide to “be happy” or anything else and when i feel stuck in some way just remembering that “this feeling will not last” is sometimes enough to unstick me. And if that mindfulness isn’t enough, I KNOW the weather will change or my hormone levels will fluctuate and eventually the situation will change.

    *hugs* and thank you for blogging – your posts never fail to positively influence me.

  87. This is a very cute refashion! Don’t be too hard on yourself in the midst of your slump. We still love you! πŸ™‚

  88. Hi, I just wanted to share that I’ve been in a creative slump recently so I decided to host a women’s craft night once a week. This way I get to share ideas/be inspired to craft with others and socialize at the same time! Had my first one last week & it was so much fun! πŸ˜‰ Keep sewing, even if nothing is happening, it will come back. Browsing Pinterest also helps!

    Hugs, Roxy

  89. Love your blog! Here’s a suggestion – pick a different theme for the week or month? Might make it easier to have a starting point on the refashes. And the theme could be anything from holiday inspired, to color, to a certain style.

    This was a cute refash! The strap was a little wide for me personally but I liked the idea!

  90. Ah, creative funks can suck the life out of you. Yuck! My own solution when I get stuck in the muck is to get out in nature and find my muse. Go for a hike. Wonder at the perfect proportions of a leaf. Listen to a stream or the ocean. Watch the sunset. And meditate on why I create – why did I start doing it in the first place? Maybe the blog has become a life of its own and “doing the blog” took over from creating from your original place of why. Figure out what you need. You may need to take a break for a while. Or you may need to revamp the blog and how you refashion and what you do with the refashions. Who knows? Endless possibilities and you are absolutely creative enough to do anything you imagine! Hugs!

  91. I’m pretty sure it’s the long winter! That dress is quite cute, and yeah perhaps a smaller belt with heels might make it look very chic. Those are good advices from Ramona. Best wishes!

  92. You’ve done very well for someone who is lacking inspiration. It’s a beautiful dress! Don’t worry about losing your Β«mojoΒ» in creating new ideas. It will come back, it always does! Keep observing. My art teacher tells me that you refill the inspiration tank by observing the world and playing around with your perception of it… like you did to me by changing my perception of fashion. I have read your entire blog and it gave me the comforting thought that there’s really awesome people out there. I have already started refashioning and it is a lot of much fun. I have been sewing with my mother and it was the first time in a long time that I had spent great evenings with her, just working together to make silly shirt and cute dresses. I am so glad you take the time to share your creations and lovely personality with us, strangers. I hope you know you’re making a difference. Lots of love!

  93. Love the outfit! Would you be able to try an outfit with the sleeves added back with shoulders exposed? . Those of us who are older (or not in shape) need some coverage, even in spring.

  94. I know what it’s like to be uninspired and in a slump. I’m currently in a middle of one now. I was getting inspired learning from you. I have not been in my sewing room for over two months. I tell the hubby that it’s too cold up there (my sons old bedroom). It is chilly, but it “could” be tolerated. I guess I’m making up excuses. I, too, went through a bad experience and maybe combined with out cold winters here in Buffalo….I’m just blah! I am a grown, educated person who should know better than to let things stop me in my tracks. I think I have a touch of seasonal depression disorder. Maybe when the sun pokes back out, we’ll both be recovered enough to say “ok. That sucked. I’m back and ready to participate in the world again”.
    I hope that you find love and your happiness, Jill. You have TONS of people who aspire to have an inkling of your talent. But we follow you because we truly like you.
    Hope that helps a tad. You’re not alone. It feels like it now, but when the gray sky looks blue again…we’re ready for whatever you throw at us. Peace, hugs and love from me to you. <3

  95. sometimes when you get in a creative funk it helps to bounce ideas off someone else. For example the dress you just made I believe the strap is too wide and heavy looking for the dress, it needs to be only a third that size, and make a matching one on the other shoulder. It would also be kind of cute if the strap was just a little bit off shoulder. Instead of a big black belt a smaller white would work better.

    Also you could choose some lucky teenager that could be your muse for awhile, that would help her have some clothes that are unique and different, and give you a different view. Sometimes designing just for yourself puts you in that rut.

    Another idea is to remake clothes into hospital gowns for long term patients.

    I would love to see you refashion prom dresses into prom dresses for some lucky teens.

    The bottom line is whenever you start serving others your gifts of design and creativity bursts out the seams (so to speak).

    good luck.

    • I like symmetry, I would have put one over the other shoulder as well, and I don’t think it would have looked too heavy.

      I too ADORE the idea of taking old prom dresses (or bridesmaids dresses) that only ever get worn once (what a waste of money) and turning them into new fashionable prom dresses for some lucky teen now.

  96. Sometimes doing things for other people totally changes your out look. What if you went to your friends closets, male and female, and refashioned their stuff? Love your blog. Keep it up!

    • Love this idea…I was thinking along the same lines. Refashioning from a friends closet would give you a new challenge to design something for another, different body type than yours, and another person style and preferences.

  97. Don’t push yourself too hard – it’s meant to be fun not a chore πŸ™ Just enjoy the refashions when they inspire you and maybe do one every week or fortnight? Whatever you do, we’ll still be here!

  98. I am in LOVE with this one Jilly Bean!!!! I am in the same dis functional crafting rut lately… I call it winter! Good luck girl, you’ll get it back you just need some sunshine & happiness! Keep on blogging girl we all love it!

  99. the dress is awesome, and I believe all artistic people get in a funk and it feels awful, like someone has stolen a piece of you, just remember it is usually temporary

  100. I think that when you’ve been running an intensely creative blog for as long as you have… you’re totally allowed to have a period of funk. I’m having trouble digging into my refashion basket lately and the same piece has been on my dress form for weeks! It makes me sad to type that.

    Whenever I have trouble coming up with topics for a new post, I go back to old posts for inspiration. Maybe go back to your favorite refashions or look at some past refashions and tell us what you might do differently if you did them today?

    Welcome back and good luck!


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