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Crop Rotation

Trouser Dress
In Vest ing in the moment

This top was given to me recently from a local charity shop that is about to have a large impact on Year 2 of my bloggy blog (don’t you just loooove teasers???).

Crop Rotation 2
Looking rather plump.

As you can see, it doesn’t look all that great on me.  Also, the elastic on the bottom was all wonky and stretched out.

Crop Rotation 3
has seen its heyday

I looooove the funky print, super light fabric, and the neckline of this top; but I’m completely over the poofy shirt with an elastic waistband thing.  It makes everyone look fat and preggo, and I think it’s time to modernize this top a bit.

Inspired by all the crop tops (reminiscent of the late 80’s/Early 90’s,) I’ve been seeing making a comeback, I decided to quickly make this blah top a bit more hip.

Crop Rotation 4

Well, that was easy!  I decided to keep the bottom edge raw,  but I wanted to limit how much it could fray, and embellish it a bit.

Crop Rotation 5
The stitch that zigs!

As I’m closer to 30 than 20, I wasn’t quite ready to show the midriff just yet, so I layered my new top over a contrasting patterned tank, and an awesome skirt I scored at a recent clothing swap.

Crop Rotation 6
Oh hi.
Crop Rotation 7
Oh you know me! Just hanging out in alleyways!
Crop Rotation 8
The contrasting tanks kinda rock.

I headed to Delaney’s with the fella to celebrate the birthday of a very funny guy.

Crop Rotation 9
Happy B'day Curt!
Crop Rotation 10
Chillin' with Curt's lovely lady & her lovely fam!


Trouser Dress
In Vest ing in the moment