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Day 101: Feeling Cocky Dress

Day 102: Sock Hop
Day 100: Black & White & Rad All Over

I had a few errands to run before catching the USC Gamecocks football game with friends, and only had time for a very quick refashion.  🙂  I pulled out this garnet dress from my stash (gotta support the Alma Mater!).

Day 101: Feeling Cocky Dress 2

If I wore my dress as-is, I’m afraid my fellow Gamecock fans might question my sanity.

I made quick work of removing those manky shoulder pads.

Day 101: Feeling Cocky Dress 3

Then, I chopped off those sleeves, as well as some of the length.

Day 101: Feeling Cocky Dress 4
Drawn and Quartered!

I tied the bottom scrap on obi-belt style, and was ready to meet up with some awesome people!  🙂

Day 101: Feeling Cocky Dress 5

I’ve gotta say, this is one of my favorite refashions I’ve done so far!  And it only took about 5 minutes!  🙂

Day 101: Feeling Cocky Dress 6
Sports and Wine!

The Gamecocks won soundly, and we all went out to dinner to celebrate!  🙂

Day 101: Feeling Cocky Dress 7
I don't even know how to explain this one...


Day 102: Sock Hop
Day 100: Black & White & Rad All Over

11 thoughts on “Day 101: Feeling Cocky Dress”

  1. I love your blog and I like the way this dress turned out.
    At the same time, though, I wish that you would spice things up sometimes. I get that you’re doing this every single day and don’t always have time for a complete overhaul. I also understand that you may be trying to cater to less sewing-savvy readers. But it does seem like a lot of the time you just shorten and take in a dress, or make it a shirt/skirt. Maybe a certain day of the week (or even month) you could drastically change a piece, or maybe have a week devoted to one item, where the first day is a no-sew fix, the second is a change in length, etc., until the last day is a total makeover.
    Again, I love what you’re doing. I think you’re super talented and amazing for keeping up with this. I hope you take this constructive criticism as it’s intended. I just think some of us might be craving some ideas for extra creativity or thoughts on how to see potential for something totally different in an article of clothing.

  2. Found your blog thru a WordPress Tag Search. You’ve got the re-fashioning down! It’s been fun to scroll thru all of your projects. 200+ days to go!! Good luck!

    • Thanks! 🙂 Before I chopped, I tried the dress on and marked where I wanted to shorten the hem and the sleeves with a safety pin. After I chopped one sleeve, I used the chopped-off sleeve to measure where to cut the other sleeve. 🙂


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