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Day 103: A Sweater Save

Day 104: A Scrappy Scarf
Day 102: Sock Hop

Remember that sweater from yesterday?

Day 103: A Sweater Save 2
A sucky sweater. 🙁

And how I turned those too-long sleeves into a sweet pair of button-up socks?  🙂

I couldn’t just waste the rest of the sweater, so I made a new cut up the center to turn that weird bunchy, way-unflattering pullover into a sweet cardi!  🙂

Day 103: A Sweater Save 3
A Sweater Made Better!

I pinned the V-neck together with my favorite brooch.  It used to be my Grandmother’s, so it always makes me happy and nostalgic when I wear it.  🙂



Day 104: A Scrappy Scarf
Day 102: Sock Hop

5 thoughts on “Day 103: A Sweater Save”

  1. Have seen a lot of these lately and love them! I’m not a sweater person, even in the cold Midwest winters. So think I’m gonna rethink my love/hate of sweaters and make me some nice cardi’s for the office and school.

  2. Love what you did with the sweater. You were able to get two different projects out of one garment. Did you just fold the edges over and stitch it down using a straight stitch? Or, did you add a lace binding? Pls share as I’m curious.


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