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Day 110: Nightgown Top

Day 111: MuuMuu Madness!
Day 109: Fella's Shirt Revisited

I found this nightgown at one of my favorite $1 thrift stores.  It actually ended up being 50 cents, as it came with a cover-up that I’m looking forward to re-doing later.  🙂

Day 110: Nightgown Top 2
Hot Old Lady Nightgown Action!

Remember my anti-smoking rant from a couple of days ago?  Here’s another reason why you never should.

Day 110: Nightgown Top 3
It should be on

Thanks to that nasty hole, keeping this at any sort of length wasn’t really going to be possible.  I made a big cut. I’m thinking shirt city with this piece!  🙂

Day 110: Nightgown Top 4
Bye nasty burn hole! 🙂

I didn’t really like those nightgowny sleeves either.  It’s been a ridiculously warm October here in SC, so I’m going sleeveless!  🙂

Day 110: Nightgown Top 5
Carefully snipping away!

I wore my breezy new top to watch my fella’s improv group (The Art Bar Players) rehearse.  🙂

Day 110: Nightgown Top 6
Cute & Comfy!

Oh!  And check out that sweet neckline on my new top!  Isn’t it just lovely?  🙂

Day 110: Nightgown Top 7


Day 111: MuuMuu Madness!
Day 109: Fella's Shirt Revisited