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Day 116: October’s Guest Star!

Day 117: Fortuny Top
Day 115: Bottom of the Bin Skirt

As promised, I’m going to start having a monthly Guest Star on my blog!  🙂  I decided to start small for October.  Very small.

Day 116: October's Guest Star! 2

October’s Guest Star is none other than my sweet little kitty, Gypsy!  🙂  Here she is, checking out today’s piece (another Dollar-a-Pound Goodwill find) I love this little shirt!

Fella eyed me skeptically when I told him I wanted to make a shirt for Gypsy.

Fella:  She’ll hate you for this.  You know that right?

Me:  But she might really like wearing clothes!  It’ll be cute!

Fella:  Cats don’t wear clothes, Jillian.

Me:  But Gypsy is special!

Fella:  I hope she forgives you one day for this.

Undaunted, I measured Gypsy to see how snug I needed to make her new shirt.

Day 116: October's Guest Star! 3

Then, I cut the back of the shirt down the center.

Day 116: October's Guest Star! 4

Next, I cut off part of the length that would be going over Gypsy’s back, so it wouldn’t drag.

Day 116: October's Guest Star! 5
Snip! And Snip!

Then, I hemmed those raw edges under.

Day 116: October's Guest Star! 6

I’m almost done!  I grabbed a piece of velcro from my stash…

Day 116: October's Guest Star! 7
Thanks to NASA!

And stitched them to the bottom of Gypsy’s new shirt, where it will wrap around her belly.  🙂  This will also make it easy to remove if she hates it.

Day 116: October's Guest Star! 8
Hooray Velcro!

Now Gypsy’s new tee is all done and ready for a test drive!

I tentatively put it on her.

Day 116: October's Guest Star! 9
Day 116: October's Guest Star! 10
"What is this?????"
Day 116: October's Guest Star! 11
"Why, Mommy? Why?"

Gypsy looked pretty miserable in her new tee, so I quickly took it off of her, and gave her many treats for being such a good little sport.  🙂  I’ll pass it off to a friend with a small dog.   I guess Fella was right…Cats aren’t meant to wear clothes.  :/

Thanks, Gypsy!   🙂


Day 117: Fortuny Top
Day 115: Bottom of the Bin Skirt

18 thoughts on “Day 116: October’s Guest Star!”

  1. I have an adorable and tiny black and white tuxedo cat named Boots. I found a dress that was probably intended for a very tiny dog while shopping at a thrift shop. It is pink and white lepoard print with ruffles and a bow. The color looks great on her, and whenever she wears it she just struts around like royalty, (even more than usual for a cat).

  2. I don’t think you should ever let cats near velcro or vice versa. Can you imagine getting that stuff caught in your hair? It would be the same if not worse for a cat, wouldn’t it?

  3. Love love love the POW kitty tee!! So sad that Gypsy didn’t wanna sport the tee but I’m sure she knew momma’s intentions were good. She definitely earned good kitty fashion points.

  4. Ya, cats don’t like to be dressed up with one exception I know of. The daughter of a friend who had peeps over to paint made outfits for her cat and her cat was constantly dressed up all the time. She was very stylish including hats and booties sometimes. It must have been a ragdoll cat because they are probably the only ones that would put up with that. The daughter even had a cat fashion show once with many outfit changes. Well thanks for this post I have to make a t-shirt for my rescue doggie. She is basically bald and what hair/fur she has is so thin I can see her skin through it so she must be cold. I’ll be checking out my t-shirt stash. Love you!

  5. When I was little I would dress my cats in my doll dresses…they always just laid there and meowed like crazy SOOOO…from experience (lol), Gypsie did very well!!! and I’m sure she will forgive you!

  6. Had to send you the photo in this link of my cat and her shirt!
    Last Halloween season I found this kid’s tee at a thrift store and decided to make a shirt for a friend’s tiny poodle. I used FatKitty as my model (the velcro barely reached around her!). And you are all right about cats and clothes! She sat quietly while I took the photo, but I swear she looks ashamed! She definitely thought it was something only dogs should do!!

  7. One of my FAVORITE refashions to date! Ha ha – this so makes me laugh as I also subject both my dog and my cat to costumes for Christmas photos. It takes a few days for kitty to come near me after that, thank goodness there’s a Christmas tree by then to divert her attention! Thanks for the laugh Jillian – it IS cute!


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