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Day 125: Skirt or Shirt?

Day 126: Plastic Letters Dress
Day 124: Cayce Pollard Sweater

Today’s piece is a sweet little Betsey Johnson number I scored at a clothing swap.

Day 125: Skirt or Shirt? 2
Hippy...not to be confused with Hippie. :/

It’s cute!  I like it!  But I don’t feel like it likes me very much.  🙁

You see, I’m what you call a pear shape (little pears are pears too, okay?).  My hips are a good 4″ larger than my bust, and this skirt really shows that off.  :/  There aren’t that many options for tops that I can wear with it either, so I’m pretty much relegated to a solid black one.  This makes my top half look even smaller! Grrrrrr….

I’ve kept this skirt forever…not quite knowing what to do with it…until today.  🙂

I decided to try it out at work as a top.  I think it has neat art deco/flapper look to it, and it keeps me looking proportional.  🙂

Day 125: Skirt or Shirt? 3
Yes...that is yesterday's cardi! 🙂

This is why I wear a lot of my skirts this way, btw.  Do any of you do this?

Cheers!  🙂

Day 126: Plastic Letters Dress
Day 124: Cayce Pollard Sweater

12 thoughts on “Day 125: Skirt or Shirt?”

  1. I have spent most of my free time the past few days catching up on your blog, and i’m happy to report that i lost my skirt/shirt virginity tonight! And i think i actually pulled it off 🙂
    Thank you for inspiring me to look at things with new eyes!

  2. I love this skirt as a skirt and top. I love to wear clothes with a 20s feel to them. I how ever have an hour glass shape and tried to wear some of my skirts like this but I HAVE to wear a belt or I will look larger then I em. I have yet to find a belt I like that is not an elastic one 🙁

  3. I absolutely love this refashion! I recently found your blog through Pinterest and have quickly become an addict. Being a bigger girl whose top half is MUCH bigger than the bottom I often worried that I would never be able to refashion items for myself but seeing that no one really has the perfect body for the mass produced fashions made me realized just how important it is to be able to refashion your own clothing, and who wants to pay a fortune for a piece they have to alter. Thank you!!

  4. That skirt looks amazing as a top! I’ve never done that before. Thanks for posting the “unflattering” picture too. I’ve been reading through your blog today thinking that you’ve got the perfect body for all these crazy refashions. And you do! But I appreciate seeing that you are dressing to fit your body shape, just as I need to also.

  5. My boobs are the same size as my hips so it doesn’t really work to wear a skirt as a top – my boobs look a bit ridiculous if I do that! Also, the strapless look doesn’t really suit me. So I actually did the opposite of you and made an empire-line top with elastic under the bust into a skirt by just cutting off the top piece!!!
    That black & red skirt looks gorgeous on you as a top! You really know what suits you 🙂

  6. hey girl!
    i dig that you can get away with wearing your skirts as tops–it looks really cute on you! for me, having a fair amount of bird-curve to my sternum makes anything without straps an impossibility up top. i guess there’s always the option to add buttons to the insides of skirts and create a whole heap of excitingly interchangeable straps 😀
    miss seeing you at improv, but love keeping up with your blog from afar 🙂


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