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Day 129: Scrap Busting T-Shirt Bangles

Day 130: Jumpsuit Dress
Day 128: Philharmonic Dress

Oy!  I have sooo many scraps left over from my Halloween costume!   To keep them out of the landfill, I’ve discovered another way to use the smallest of my scraps.  🙂

Day 129: Scrap Busting T-Shirt Bangles 2

I found a fun tutorial on Lil Blue Boo on how to make T-shirt scrap bangles, and got to work.

First, I used my rotary cutter and cutting mat to slice up a bunch of 1″ strips.

Day 129: Scrap Busting T-Shirt Bangles 3
Slice it up!
Day 129: Scrap Busting T-Shirt Bangles 4
Strip Tease!

Then, I put them in groups of 3 and braided them together.

Day 129: Scrap Busting T-Shirt Bangles 5
Chip Clips...not just for chips anymore. 🙂

Then, I sewed each end together and trimmed them.  Next, I took another tiny scrap and tied it around where the ends meet on each of the bracelets.  🙂

Day 129: Scrap Busting T-Shirt Bangles 6
Triplets! 🙂

My accessories aren’t the only new things in my life!  🙂

Day 129: Scrap Busting T-Shirt Bangles 7
My sweet new (to me) ride!

You’re looking at a 1988 VW Cabriolet.  My Cabriolet.  I saw it, fell in love, and the rest is history.  🙂  The only prob is…it has a manual transmission…which I have never driven before.  So yes…I bought a car that I can’t drive.  A co-worker told me this was very bold (translation:  stupid).  🙂  Fella has been awesome about teaching me to drive it, and I almost have the hang of it!

Day 129: Scrap Busting T-Shirt Bangles 8
Let's hope I don't hurt myself! 🙂


Day 130: Jumpsuit Dress
Day 128: Philharmonic Dress

11 thoughts on “Day 129: Scrap Busting T-Shirt Bangles”

    • HA! That’s so funny! I took a road trip with a friend who’s car was an automatic (what I drove for years and years). I offered to do part of the driving. After 15 minutes, he was terrified (kept looking for the clutch and resting my hand on the gear shift) and asked me to please stop driving his car. 🙂

  1. Since I wasn’t here from the start, I’ve been reading your blog from the beginning…you have too many good things I refuse to miss. I just had to comment on this one. I once bought a funky green VW Jetta because I fell in love. It was also stick, which I didn’t know. I was determined to learn. Let’s just say that car was possessed by the devil and every time I got in it, something broke. I sold it and actually ran into it again…my friend’s neighbor bought it…they said they loved it and never had a single problem with it. I hope your luck was better than mine!

  2. I’m new to your blog and am reading through from the beginning (while getting the newest posts via email too!). So, I know this is so old, but I just had to comment that I did the exact same thing. My first car was an ’83 Escort – 4 speed hatchback for $800. I took it off to college when I could barely even drive it – my dad had to drive there for me. The first time I drove it in rush hour without killing it, I was ecstatic!

  3. I always found it odd that so many people who drive automatics find manual gearsd a bit daunting…but then I think back many years to when I learned and remember the stress it caused me! Good luck in coming to grips with it.

  4. As someone who has only owned manual transmission cars, I can definitely say that you should have no trouble learning how to drive your sweet new ride. If you can handle coordinating hands and feet for working a sewing machine, you should have no trouble with gear shifting 🙂 And… love the new bangles – very cute!

    • The thing I’m having the hardest time with is not going into a panic when I stall the engine. Normal, sane me knows that all I have to do is restart the engine and just get going, but crazy, erratic me would rather flutter my hands all around and hyperventilate. :/

      I’ll figure it out. 🙂

  5. I saw a tutorial on this not too long ago….a definite favorite for me and my very meager sewing abilities. I’ve made some headbands and a necklace for my daughter like this. And a slightly larger one for me as a sweatband.

  6. Nifty idea the bracelets. I can see them catching on with teens. Great car. Very brave of you a manual transmission. I purely an automatic girl. Good luck learning the shifting. I’m sure you will do well. Happy Sunday.

  7. Haha good luck with the manual transmission! I was lucky enough to have learned to drive on a stick. So I’m way less comfortable with an auto than a stick. Once you learn tho, you’ll never have to relearn!

  8. Good for you for getting the car you want! I think knowing how to drive manual and automatic transmissions is a semi-necessary skill, similar to how knowing how to swim is semi-necessary.


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