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Day 137: Skort!

Day 138: Pan Handle Holder
Day 136: Scrap Busting Headband

Check out this fine pair of pantaloons!

Day 137: Skort! 2

Does anyone else remember skorts (aka shorts that lived a lie)?

Well this one wasn’t fooling anybody.  :/  I loved the fabric, but I didn’t love the whole shorts thing, the it being too big thing, or the elastic waistband being completely stretched out thing.

First, I de-shorted this thing into a true skirt with a few snips!

Day 137: Skort! 3

Then, I fitted it to my waist with a quick fold-n-pin with one of my favorite brooches.  🙂

Day 137: Skort! 4
Brooching the subject!

Now I have an honest-to-goodness skirt with nothing to hide!  🙂

Day 137: Skort! 5
No secrets here! 🙂


Day 138: Pan Handle Holder
Day 136: Scrap Busting Headband

11 thoughts on “Day 137: Skort!”

  1. Greetings from a far-flung fan. We do these makeovers here in New zealand too of course, much fun than store-bought boredom. The retro made in NZ stuff is scarce but cool when you find it. Everything else is made in China. I’m thinking this would make a good fund-raiser. Each contestant gives another contestant the most hideous thing they can find…

  2. OK, so let me explain….I was young, I was confused….I was living in South Korea!! Yes, another one of my hideous pieces of clothing…the top photo is great (although I’m cringing because I ACTUALLY WORE THIS THING IN PUBLIC….but I’m thinking my hair was probably bigger than this skort at the time so perhaps people were too focused on my top and not my bottom….what can I say, it was the 80’s afterall!!) I knew the material would be wonderful for Susan….I never ever thought she would wear it…or give it to someone who would…but somehow, you creative thing you…you transformed my SKORT into an adorable, wearable skirt! I salute you….PS. Susan’s coming to my house for Thanksgiving…I’ll start digging in the closet, I’m on a mission to stump you! Get ready!!! PSS…I know you are wondering, and the answer is “YES”, I also owned and wore the ever so trendy “Gouchos” thankyouverymuch!!!!


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