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Day 139: Feeling Blue Dress

Day 140: These Boots Aren't Made For Slouchin'
Day 138: Pan Handle Holder

I’ve been down lately, friends.  🙁  Recent political events here in Columbia, SC have left me really disappointed and disillusioned about a city and state that I have come to love.  This isn’t a political blog, and I’m not even going to go there.  But please understand that I wanted nothing more than to stay at home tonight, toss on the PJs, eat a block of cheese, drink a bottle of vino, and cry a little.  :/

However…this project is bigger than me, so it continues.  🙂

Day 139: Feeling Blue Dress 2
There is work to be done!

What is going on with that white-lined bib thingy????  I immediately made a few amputations!

Day 139: Feeling Blue Dress 3
They just couldn't be saved!

Then I did a bit of choppage…

Day 139: Feeling Blue Dress 4

I used that bottom scrap as a sash to cinch the waist of my new dress and headed out for an evening of karaoke with friends!  🙂

Day 139: Feeling Blue Dress 5
Day 139: Feeling Blue Dress 6
Just chillin' with the Fabulous Irene! 🙂

Oy…my heart wasn’t in it tonight, folks. :/  Have you ever felt like this?

Day 140: These Boots Aren't Made For Slouchin'
Day 138: Pan Handle Holder

17 thoughts on “Day 139: Feeling Blue Dress”

  1. The dress looks FABULOUS on you, Jillian!! The cut is very flattering, the colour as well. The neckline makes your shoulders look less narrow, so that slims down your {already nicely slim} hips…thereby eliminating the ‘pear’ shape you have mentioned! As to the hem or lack thereof: I agree that sewing most hems for a ‘finished’ look is a good idea, but occasionally ~ so long is the hem is not choppy or frayed at all ~ i understand why the ‘flow’ is the important part. Besides, if someone is looking THAT closely at your hems, well then…shame on them!! *ha ha*

    By the way, i have yet to see a reply from you, to anyone at all, that is not tactful & understanding & kind; i am guessing that your heart is soft & spirit gentle. 😎

    As to that bib part: ALL i see when i look at it is: APRON. :-\

    • *as the hem, not is! {i know proper English, i promise!} 😀

      P.S.~ tell your kitty cats they need to get on the job, they’re slacking!! So many pretty furbabies in your life, not enough diva in them; they need to walk into more of your pics!! *ha ha* >>>^;^<<<

  2. The dress looked FABULOUS on her!! Whenever I see Jillian out, I always ask what she is wearing. 🙂 Keep up the great work and thanks for bringing inspiration and creativity into my life!

  3. Oh yeah – have felt that way. I hope it gets better soon for you.

    And – living in Iowa it feels like it is ALWAYS election season – bleh..

    Pot holder — be careful re: synthetic fabrics/foams and flames! But I have bought a similar style before (but in cotton).

  4. I randomly found your site yesterday, and I started reading from blog post #1 and continued looking through the whole thing until I got caught up to this post just now……. like a good book, I just couldn’t put it down!

    You are talented and inspirational! And for the record, no one is immune those pesky off days and it looks like handled it well, regardless!

    Can’t wait to see what you re-fashion next 🙂

  5. I’ve been following for awhile and your posts are always a burst of sunshine for my day. Please take the time today (and everyday) to realize how fabulous you are. I love what you did with this dress, it looks perfect…as usual.

  6. You do some really neat things but all the stuff that you chop off and do not bother to hem leaves a very unfinishted, tacky look to otherwise nice work. I guess since I have used a sewing machine since I was about 8 (now 53) to make all kinds of things from scratch the time you take to do the little things, like sew a hem, shows pride in a job well done and makes it difficult to tell between something you purchased new and something you have created from someone elses “left-overs”. Have you ever tried those fabric glues that stay soft and you can wash? ( I get mine at wally world or Hobby Lobby) I used to hem things with those and they work great, especially on thicker fabrics and denim. Probably would not work as well on really soft, thin fabric though. Loved the pot handle cover! That was a surprising idea. I bet no one else ANYWHERE has thought of that one.

    • I do sew a lot of my hems, but you’re right…sometimes I don’t. If something is a fray-free fabric, I might decide to keep it simple and not hem it. Sometimes I like how the skirt flows better that if it’s left unhemmed. I think this is just a matter of personal taste. There are a lot of designers out there that leave their hems raw right now. I don’t always agree with it…such as if it’s going to fray.

      For me fabric glue is just a messy hassle. I’d rather just pin and sew the darn hem…but then…I’m really clumsy like that.

      I really do appreciate the feedback, and I get what you’re saying. I promise to hem more stuff in the future. 🙂


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