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Day 149: Kitty Christmas at Pets, Inc.!

Day 150: Go Gamecocks!
Day 148: A Star is Born

Christmas came early for the sweet kitties at Pets, Inc:  The Carolinas Humane Society.  🙂  I had a bunch of shoulder pads left over from refashioning all those old lady dresses, and I thought of a really fun use for them…Catnip Mice for local shelter cats!  🙂

Day 149: Kitty Christmas at Pets, Inc.! 2
Big Pile o' Pads!

I gathered my pads, folded them in half, and sewed them up.  Then I stuffed them with catnip.

Day 149: Kitty Christmas at Pets, Inc.! 3
Plenty of Nip!

Then, I stitched them up, using scraps to give them all tails and ears.  🙂

Day 149: Kitty Christmas at Pets, Inc.! 4
Of Mice and Pads! 🙂

I took the cute little guys to Pets, Inc. and handed them out to the adorable tenants.  🙂

Some of them seemed less than impressed.

Day 149: Kitty Christmas at Pets, Inc.! 5

But the other kitties had a blast playing with their new toys!

Day 149: Kitty Christmas at Pets, Inc.! 6
I have conquered you, Mr. Mouse!
Day 149: Kitty Christmas at Pets, Inc.! 7
Decisions! Decisions!
Day 149: Kitty Christmas at Pets, Inc.! 8
Day 149: Kitty Christmas at Pets, Inc.! 9
I can haz nip?

As some of you know, Fella and I adopted Gypsy from Pets, Inc., and it has a special place in our hearts.  Right now, they’re really trying to encourage people to adopt Adult Cats and Dogs.

Kittens and Puppies are an easy sell, but some of the adults end up living in shelters for months, if not years.  If you’re planning on bringing a new pet into your home this holiday season, be sure to spend some time with the adult cats and dogs.  A lot of times, they end up in shelters when their owners end up in nursing homes, move, or a new family member has an allergy.  They haven’t done anything wrong, and they don’t have behavior problems.  In today’s visit, I met one sweet cat who came from an abusive owner who broke her tail and would put her on a hot stove “for fun”.  🙁  She’s sweet as can be, and surprisingly trusting of everyone she meets.  Usually the owners have behavior problems, not the cats.  🙁

Fella and I are thrilled with our cat we adopted as an adult, and we think you would be too.  🙂

Day 149: Kitty Christmas at Pets, Inc.! 10
Adult cats are adorable too! 🙂

There are lots of ways to show your support for Pets, Inc.  You can volunteer.  You can buy your pet supplies from their store.  You can donate items on their Wish List.  Another fun way to help this terrific organization is to shop at their store, Thrift Avenue (where you can find all sorts of awesome second-hand things!).  Or, you can just stop by and visit with the animals to help them feel loved.  🙂




Day 150: Go Gamecocks!
Day 148: A Star is Born

21 thoughts on “Day 149: Kitty Christmas at Pets, Inc.!”

  1. Shoulder Pads… I just found out how to turn them into cute hat/fasteners! Upcycle;) so much fun. I only have 2 shoulder pads and that is what I am going to try to do with them.

  2. I love this idea and will have to use it after my stash of shoulder pads grows. My daughter adopted a no kill shelter for her bat mitzvah. She encouraged people to give to the shelter instead of giving her gifts. She also volunteered there. As a personal donation she and I braided fleece strips and then braided the braids for doggie chew toys. They loved them. Thank you for your endorsement of shelters. And for your awesome refashions! You have inspired us both. I will share some links after she and I get sewing.

  3. This is a great post and a great idea. I was a Vet Tech for our local humane society before having my daughter. Thanks for the great craft idea and the great advise about adopting a pet!

  4. @Marah – any fabric should do I would think! Use parts of towels, potholders, clothes, socks, etc. that have seen better days (vs. throwing them out) – or fabric scraps. Also – most shelters love a donation of towels – lots of clean-ups, and to put in cages etc.

    YAY! The catnips toys are made. My hubby and I are also devoted pet rescuers (dogs – JRTs specifically). We have a local shelter, but also use PetFinder since the local shelter tends to have large breeds not amenable to our homestead. You can look on PetFinder for rescues by breed (dogs and I assume cats) – so if you must have a Siamese, that is another source. But – admittedly, you may get a mix or a similar breed – but I think most people interested don’t really care that much. If they did they would be frequenting pet stores, or breeders (I know there are plenty of good breeders – but I really have an aversion to breeders and those that spends $100’s to $1,000’s for a specific breed when there are SO MANY wonderful pets in shelters dying (literally) for a home!

    Off the soapbox….

    Thanks for the cute pics of the kittehs enjoying their meeses!

    • I’m a big advocate for shelter pets over breeder pets, too. As soon as all the shelter pets have homes, I’ll be completely fine with breeders making more animals.

      Those are some great tips for using scraps to help animals in need! 🙂

      • I cringe every time someone at work goes to a breeder (especially since they usually mention to me that they plan to get a pet…). It is all I can do to not chastise them (aka bitch at them – or scream…). Ugghh.

        Need to think of some dog toys – they need to be pretty sturdy … I don’t know if there is a place to get squeakers – the rest is just fabric and stuffing. Mine rip everything open – so any item inside better be too big to eat or swallow easily. The long tubey shaped toys should be easy (penguin, dog, man… – there is one on a dog food commercial). Dogs are more devoted to playing rough with their toys – and ‘eating’ or at least ripping up their ‘prey’. But cat owners may disagree..

        Gypsy is a cutie – and lucky to find her ‘real’ family!

  5. Love the post. Our cat is a stray left from a litter that the stray mommy cat hid in our bushes. Neighborhood dogs killed all but our Tomas. It took me 6 months to get him to let me touch him (all the kittens were wild.) He is such a good cat, gentle and loving. Totally an outside guy, by choice. He is the best friend to our little chiuahuah, that we also adopted. We also have two outside dogs that were adopted as adults. A lab mix, we have had for 4 years that friends did not want anymore and a liver spotted dalmatian that is about the same age we got from a shelter. If you are lucky like we were the adult dogs are already house broken and well behaved. They stay outside most of the time except when it is really cold, below 35. Then they come in and lay around, do not touch ANYTHING, not the garbage, or plates sitting around and do not EVER have an accident on the floor. We got really lucky that is for sure! It would be very lonesome without them all.

  6. Great post and so wonderful what you are doing – both in the gifts and taking in a cat. It´s so true what you say…people go crazy for puppies and kittens but the older animals often get left behind.

  7. Very nice post. You and your fella have great hearts. Because my hubby and I travel so much we are currently petless. However, our two grown-up daughters each adopted, from shelters, 2 cats each. They also each have a dog in their lives. They take great care of their pets. Like you and your fella, they are careful parents.

  8. Beautiful post! An interesting fact about older companion animals is that since they have previously gone through the kitten/puppy stage, they are very suitable for senior citizens and people for whome that stage can be a trying experience. Older pets also seem to know that they have been chosen for their new home, and are especialy loving. (Your own little darlin’ is just gorgeous!!)

  9. Thank you soo much,
    I work at Pets Inc and I can honestly say that the cats have enjoyed it immensely, they are still playing with them. This was a wonderful thanksgiving treat! We truly appreciate it!

  10. First, I like that you have a heart. Second, I like that you are trying to be your greenest self. Thirdly, I am a teacher in my 40s who loves how you rework attire! Because of you I went to Goodwill today (all clothing -50% today) and purchased 2 skirts; 1 I can wear as a dress or skirt, other I can wear as a skirt or shirt; one jumper,2 belts and 2 scarves. I can’t sew though!! I must learn at this ripe old age!


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