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Day 150: Go Gamecocks!

Day 151: Down the Road and Back Again Top
Day 149: Kitty Christmas at Pets, Inc.!

I needed something Garnet & Black to cheer on the USC Gamecocks for the big Carolina/Clemson game.  I dug through my bin of potential refashions, and couldn’t find either color.  What was I going to do?

No worries.  I grabbed a strapless denim dress instead.

Day 150: Go Gamecocks! 2
Just a tad large.

This will only take a quick fix.  I took each side in about 3″

Day 150: Go Gamecocks! 3

After cutting off the extra material, my dress was fixed.

The only problem was I still wasn’t showing my team colors!

I grabbed a scrap of red fabric and made a quick rosette.

Day 150: Go Gamecocks! 4
Everything's coming up roses! 🙂

I pinned it to my dress and threw on a black cardi.  I was officially ready to cheer on my Alma Mater!

Day 150: Go Gamecocks! 5
Go Cocks!

I must admit, my pals looked much cozier in their warm hoodies.  🙂

Day 150: Go Gamecocks! 6
Carolina Crew!

The Carolina Gamecocks beat the Clemson Tigers soundly to finish off their regular season in victory!  Go Cocks!  🙂



Day 151: Down the Road and Back Again Top
Day 149: Kitty Christmas at Pets, Inc.!

6 thoughts on “Day 150: Go Gamecocks!”

  1. You know… I’ve been reading a lot of your really old posts (tried to start from the beginning, to follow your thought processes and your fashion transitions, etc.) Let me tell you, i wish i lived in SC to hang out with a spunky and classy lady like you! You manage to make something absolutely bland into a really classy piece. I love this dress!!! I came across this one, and wow! You look so put together here! I mean, i love wearing a hoodie and all, but you look very classically Southern, wearing a cute dress to a football game-watching party. Go you! Sure this post was three years ago.. but I still feel it’s relevant. 🙂


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