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Day 154: Save Those Sleeves!

Day 155: SHirtSKirt
Day 153: Thanks, Deb!

I am so excited!  I have finally given up my ancient cell phone for a fancy new smart phone.  I am amazed by all that this nifty gadget can do! 🙂

Day 154: Save Those Sleeves! 2
Finally giving up my Zack Morris phone for this! 🙂

I don’t have a case for it yet, and am terrified of dropping it or scratching it. :/

I grabbed a leftover sleeve from Day 26 and got to work.

Day 154: Save Those Sleeves! 3
Hi, Sleeve!

I cut it off and turned it into a fancy sleeve for my fancy new phone!  🙂

Day 154: Save Those Sleeves! 4
Cozy & Safe!

This will do until I have a chance to run out and buy a sturdy case for it.  Hooray for saving those sleeves! 🙂

Day 155: SHirtSKirt
Day 153: Thanks, Deb!

5 thoughts on “Day 154: Save Those Sleeves!”

  1. Hi, this is a clever idea. I just spent this morning at various Christmas craft fairs. Many vendors were selling cell phone bags. The only difference between yours and theirs is: 1) theirs were made with a quilted fabric (cushioning for the phone) and 2) the closure had a zipper with a little zipper pull. Going price in Hawaii for those gems—$15.00. Thought I’d share.

  2. When you’re done with this bag as a cell phone holder, you could use it for wrapping small Christmas presents! Adding a draw string would be a nice touch too!

    In my family, we’ve made re-usable bags out of old fabric for years now. I never thought to use sleeves for a bag though…. you got my wheels turning now!

    Oh and grats on the new phone!


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