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Day 158: Merry Krampus!

Day 159: A Hole is a Hole, No Matter How You Slice It.
Day 157: Yay! I'm feeling much better! 🙂

I needed something fun & festive to celebrate Krampus Nacht.  🙂  I went with this skirt right here:

Day 158: Merry Krampus! 2
It's okaaaay...

Wikipedia defines Krampus as a mythical creature recognized in Alpine countries. According to legend, Krampus accompanies St. Nicholas during the Christmas season, warning and punishing bad children, in contrast to St. Nicholas, who gives gifts to good children.  Hey…some kids respond better to negative reinforcement.  🙂

Krampus Nacht is the night that Krampus roam the streets punishing those for their bad doings throughout the year.  The Krampus often wear wooden masks, are dressed in animal furs, and often carry bells, chains, whips, and baskets with them.

I’m still in the process of getting better from what I shall henceforth call The Columbia Plague, so tonight’s refashion was a simple one.

Day 158: Merry Krampus! 3
Rocking out in the Red & Green! 🙂

I’ve gotta admit…I felt a little underdressed!

Day 158: Merry Krampus! 4
Krampuses! 🙂
Day 158: Merry Krampus! 5
Just chillin' with Krampus!

Luckily I’ve been good *cough* all year!  😉

Day 158: Merry Krampus! 6
Hi Santa!


Day 159: A Hole is a Hole, No Matter How You Slice It.
Day 157: Yay! I'm feeling much better! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Day 158: Merry Krampus!”

  1. Love what you did with the dress (accessories and all)!! No clue in this chicks head how you ‘do that thing you do’ 🙂 and still manage to pack so much into every day. I’m hooked to your blog because I love fashion and like to see your cool ideas daily. However, the absolute best thing about visiting is that you invite me (or we fans) to go with you on your daily journey. Thanks!! Very cool of you 🙂


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