Day 163:  Oh Baby! 1
The 366 Day Refashion Project

Day 163: Oh Baby!

Day 164: Save the Caribou!
Day 162: Ugly Christmas Sweater Time!

One of my favorite people in the world is moving away.  🙁  Her wonderful hubby just got a big promotion, that is taking them back to their hometown, Philadelphia.  This isn’t the only big change happening in their lives.  🙂

Day 163:  Oh Baby! 2
Baby bump! 🙂

Earlier today, Heather invited me over to go through some of her clothes that she didn’t want to move to their new abode.  I stumbled upon this dress:

Day 163:  Oh Baby! 3

This is actually quite a pretty dress.  Check out the strap detailing:

Day 163:  Oh Baby! 4

Heather told me that this was her favorite dress.  She wore it all the time until it had a run-in with some bleach.

Day 163:  Oh Baby! 5
Oh no!

I knew just what to do!  I grabbed a bottle of dye…

Day 163:  Oh Baby! 6
in Royal Blue!

…and got to work!

Day 163:  Oh Baby! 7
Fingers Crossed!

I tied a scrap around the dress and a gift card to Babies R Us, and brought it to Heather’s baby shower.  🙂

Day 163:  Oh Baby! 8
What could it be?
Day 163:  Oh Baby! 9
Ta Da!

I planned on getting a pic of Heather in her old/new dress, but completely forgot!  Right now it’s in a box on a truck, so I probably won’t be able to get a true “after” pic for a while.  I hope she thinks of me and all of her friends here in Columbia every time she wears it.  🙂

How could I have been so forgetful?!?!  Someone must have slipped something in the bottle of wine I drank that night…;)


Day 164: Save the Caribou!
Day 162: Ugly Christmas Sweater Time!


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