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Day 172: Ruffle Scarf

Day 173: Herbie the Door Mouse
Day 171: The Baxter Chair

Some of you may remember this from Day 21.

Day 172: Ruffle Scarf 2

First off, let me say the next time I decide to shave my head for a good cause, I’m going to look back at all of these awkward growing-out phase pics and reallllly think hard about it.  🙂 Really.

The top I made from this dress actually ended up looking pretty swell.  But I was left with the bottom ruffle.

Day 172: Ruffle Scarf 3
Nobody likes me. 🙁

I managed to completely botch today’s intended refashion (I think I can save it…I just need a little more time),  but I remembered that ruffle.

It made a really pretty scarf for my outfit for the evening.  🙂

Day 172: Ruffle Scarf 4
Scarf it up!

Fella and I went to a drop-in that reminded me of the Rick Moranis party scene from Ghostbusters (I’m givin’ this whole thing as a promotional expense, that’s why I invited clients instead of friends.).  Somehow, a few of us stumbled upon the topic of where we were in ’96.  When a pretty little blonde weakly muttered, “I was ten.”, I got a nice set of “When did I get old?” pangs.  Hopefully this won’t get worse as I approach the big 3-0.


Day 173: Herbie the Door Mouse
Day 171: The Baxter Chair