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Day 20: Croch-hey! top

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Day 19: Silk Cargo Pants to Skirt Refashion

I don’t quite understand the thought process behind the Summer Sweater (aren’t we all sweating enough already?), but that’s what I’ve chosen to rock today.  🙂  Of course, it wasn’t very rockin’ when I first tried it on.

Day 20: Croch-hey! top 2
Oh dear.

I decided to take this top in to make it very fitted through the waist and hips, and fuller at the top.

I pinned!

Day 20: Croch-hey! top 3
About to perform some much-needed lipo!

Then, I stitched it all up!

Day 20: Croch-hey! top 4

I actually had to do this a few times to get it snug enough.  No worries!  It’s better to have to take something in a bit more than unpick all of your stitching to make it bigger!

I wasn’t feeling that neckline, so made it into a more pleasing V.

Day 20: Croch-hey! top 5
Le Snip!
Day 20: Croch-hey! top 6
Gimme a V!

I lopped off all the excess material (which there was quite a bit of), and was all done!

Day 20: Croch-hey! top 7
Tucked in to one of my favorite skirts!
Day 20: Croch-hey! top 8
Tucked out, so you can actually see what I did. 🙂
Day 20: Croch-hey! top 9
Welcome to the Jungle!

I paired my new sweater with a light crocheted hat to give a bit of a vintage feel, as well as to hide my bad hair day from the world.

Day 20: Croch-hey! top 10
Like the hat? When I go crochet, I go all the way! 🙂


Day 21: I See Right Through You Top
Day 19: Silk Cargo Pants to Skirt Refashion

8 thoughts on “Day 20: Croch-hey! top”

  1. Beautiful! Love the refashion… you really saved that sweater! I think I would have thrown it out! Love the hat as well.

  2. Very cute outfit. It just occured to me how hillarious it would be if someone looked at the tag of one of your 3x refashions and said, hey, wait a minute, this can’t be the right size!


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