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Day 219: Life of the Party Dress (from a Jumpsuit!)

Day 220: Giants Dress
Day 218: to Bea or Not to Bea Dress

I don’t care if this piece was originally really expensive and on-trend.  It looks ridiculous!

dress from a jumpsuit refashion before
What the What?!???

Not only is this jumpsuit one of the dumbest-looking things I’ve seen, it also had a mangled zipper.

tibi tag on jumpsuit
Never been worn!

There’s an extremely expensive boutique here in Columbia that donates their damaged stuff to Revente’s Last Call.  Kudos to them for not just destroying the stuff.  🙂

However, I wasn’t a fan of this jumpsuit. As you can see in the photo above, it looks pretty silly on me.

Anywho…I needed turn this jumpsuit into a fun party dress STAT! 

Time was of the essence! 

To get started, I made a nice, big chop!

cutting legs off jumpsuit
Off with your legs!

Then, I put my new dress on my dress form, and got to work.

I took it in on the side where the broken zipper was, thus eliminating the need for it altogether.

Technically, I should have just put in a new zipper, but alas!  I was already running late to a really fun party!  🙂

taking in dress on dress form

While doing this, I had to be careful.  If I made the dress too fitted, I wouldn’t be able to get in or out of it. 

I had to get it just right. 

Luckily, I’m pretty bendy and can wriggle my way into just about anything (thank you yoga!)!  🙂 

I ran the pinned side through my machine, and cut off the excess material, completely removing the broken zipper.

I made a quickie sash from one of the discarded legs, and was ready to go!  🙂

dress from a jumpsuit refashion after
Time to party! 🙂

I think this dress is a huge improvement over that silly jumpsuit!  🙂

Oh…and check out my daring footwear!

closeup of lace high heels
This could get dangerous!

I really have to admit…I have some extremely fun friends!  🙂

Jillian and her friend JJ
The Charming Host! 🙂
Jillian in a ball pit
Yes…he has a ball pit in his living room. Jealous much?
Jillian and her friend Jeff
Hi Jeff! 🙂
Jillian playing drums
Rock Band!
sign on fridge that reads "Sexy party for sexy people"
This says it all! 🙂


dress from a jumpsuit refashion before and after
Day 220: Giants Dress
Day 218: to Bea or Not to Bea Dress