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Day 220: Giants Dress

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Day 219: Life of the Party Dress (from a Jumpsuit!)

When I plucked this big men’s shirt of the 50 cent rack at Goodwill, I thought it would be just the thing to support the Giants at a Super Bowl party!

Day 220: Giants Dress 2
I chose the Giants at random, you see.

Of course, I clearly forgot the team’s colors, which are absolutely not blue, orange, and white.  I suppose this shows my degree of football fandom..  🙂

This was a pretty fast refashion.  I put the shirt on my dress form and pinned the sides…

Day 220: Giants Dress 3
Getting it nice & fitted!

Then I stitched the whole thing up!

Day 220: Giants Dress 4

When I was done, I trimmed off the excess fabric.

Day 220: Giants Dress 5
Making the Cut!

And that’s it!  I didn’t even need to change the bottom hem or anything.  Sweet!

Day 220: Giants Dress 6
After a long day, don't whine...Wine! 🙂

In the pic above, the front placket is askew.  I promise it’s not because the sides are uneven.  I think I’m just standing weird.  :/

Day 220: Giants Dress 7
At least we have the Puppy Bowl! 🙂
Day 220: Giants Dress 8
Hi Jamie! 🙂
Day 220: Giants Dress 9
This pup was a serious Licky McGee all night! 🙂

So, I don’t care one bit about football (sorry!), but Madonna’s halftime performance was pretty awesome (if you ignored that terrible “LUV” song bit).  Seeing a lady who’s old enough to be my mom in such great shape really made me lament how lackluster my workout routine has been lately.  :/  As in, I haven’t set foot in the gym for months.  Months!

That’s really been my biggest frustration with this project.  In order to refashion and blog every day, other things get put aside.  Like sleep.  And working out.  I think I just need to get a little better about scheduling my day, and get into a good routine.  Before my arms and legs atrophy from disuse!  😉

Day 220: Giants Dress 10
Meh...maybe tomorrow!


Day 221: I Dream of Jar Dyed Tees!
Day 219: Life of the Party Dress (from a Jumpsuit!)

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