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Day 228: Bellhop Dress

Day 229: V-day in NYC!!! 🙂
Day 227: Kimono Jacket

Today’s piece is definitely a bit of an oddball.  It reminds me of a 1960’s bellhop uniform!

Day 228: Bellhop Dress 2
May I take your bags?

I actually like the golden hue (a color I don’t wear very much, and those frog closures are a nifty touch, too!  🙂

I chopped of some of the length from the skirt, and wrapped it around my waist twice, obi belt style.  That’s all I needed to take this dress from bellhop to bellhaute (forgive me, it’s early, and the puns don’t come as easily!)!  🙂

Day 228: Bellhop Dress 3
Checking in? 🙂

I wore my new dress for an evening of packing…

Day 228: Bellhop Dress 4
Where am I going?

Yup!  I’m about to head off for a fun little adventure!  I can’t wait to share a little bit more with you tomorrow.  😉

Day 228: Bellhop Dress 5
Ready to embark!

Where do you think I’m going?


Day 229: V-day in NYC!!! 🙂
Day 227: Kimono Jacket