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Day 228: Bellhop Dress

Day 229: V-day in NYC!!! 🙂
Day 227: Kimono Jacket

Today’s piece is definitely a bit of an oddball.  It reminds me of a 1960’s bellhop uniform!

Day 228: Bellhop Dress 2
May I take your bags?

I actually like the golden hue (a color I don’t wear very much, and those frog closures are a nifty touch, too!  🙂

I chopped of some of the length from the skirt, and wrapped it around my waist twice, obi belt style.  That’s all I needed to take this dress from bellhop to bellhaute (forgive me, it’s early, and the puns don’t come as easily!)!  🙂

Day 228: Bellhop Dress 3
Checking in? 🙂

I wore my new dress for an evening of packing…

Day 228: Bellhop Dress 4
Where am I going?

Yup!  I’m about to head off for a fun little adventure!  I can’t wait to share a little bit more with you tomorrow.  😉

Day 228: Bellhop Dress 5
Ready to embark!

Where do you think I’m going?


Day 229: V-day in NYC!!! 🙂
Day 227: Kimono Jacket

13 thoughts on “Day 228: Bellhop Dress”

  1. Love this outfit! In its former state, the frog closures made it look like a working outfit. However, once you refashioned the dress, they became a stylish detail to a newly created cute dress.

  2. I’ve been reading for months and i’m sad to say this is my first comment, but O-M-F-G that is seriously the cutest little dress I have ever seen!! Yay for refashion finds! have so much fun, but don’t forget to keep up the awesome refashions!

  3. I looked and looked for a frog closure a couple of weeks ago. Searched fabric stores, looked at nearly every garment in one thrift store, and about half of them in another. It would have been the perfect closure for a project that I have since abandoned. Maybe I will pick it up again and try to DIY one…or just make it into something different. I have time.

  4. How exciting – a journey! The outfit remidned me a little of some episdoes of Friends when Monica worked in a restaurant and had to wear roller skates and an outfit a bit like this (I think)!


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