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Day 234: Brunchtime Dress

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Day 233: Mardi Gras Dress

When the jumpsuit meets culottes, nothing good can come of it!

Day 234: Brunchtime Dress 2
This ain't pretty, folks!

This piece is all sorts of lameness.  :/  I got to work on de-lameifying it!

I unpicked the crotch of this silly thing with my seam ripper.

Day 234: Brunchtime Dress 3
Pick! Pick! Pick!

Then, I chopped of the legs!

Day 234: Brunchtime Dress 4
Chop and Chop!

Then I closed up the front and back seams where I unpicked the crotch earlier.  🙂

Day 234: Brunchtime Dress 5
Day 234: Brunchtime Dress 6
Stitch it up!

I cut off the extra material from the front and back seams, then I got to work on hemming my new dress!

Day 234: Brunchtime Dress 7
Yay! A new hem!

I turned the dress around so the zipper closure was at the front.  It could be worn either way.  🙂

Day 234: Brunchtime Dress 8
Ready to head off to brunch!
Day 234: Brunchtime Dress 9
It's like a salad in a cup! 😉
Day 234: Brunchtime Dress 10

Cheers!  🙂

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6 thoughts on “Day 234: Brunchtime Dress”

  1. Okay Missy,
    This is, at least, the second cutie-patootie refashion from culottes/jumpers. This is so ADORABLE!
    I had a ton of these in the 80’s, maybe even the 90’s! I haven’t quite figured out the whole crotch seam ripping technique; however, I am going to find one of these, if it kills me, and tackle the refashion!!

    Keep up the good work. I love everything you do.


  2. Much better once you´d got hold of it. Am giggling as it reminded me of a pal in the 80s (yes, I´m THAT old!) who had some elasticated waist culottes and got the bottom of them caught in the escalator in London on the way to a meeting. You know how this ends don´t you?! Fortunately she was with a male colleague who was wearing a long coat and after the escalator had chewed them up and she had exposed herself to a few hundred people in central London, he came to the rescue and covered her up!


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