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Day 241: Things Happen in a Year.

Day 242: Robe No More!
Day 240: Short & Sweet Dress

When I began this project, I thought I knew exactly what would happen this year.  I’m a planner.  I make lists and spreadsheets.   But things have gotten in the way of my best intentions and immaculately well-laid plans.  I’ve lost a family member that I loved dearly.  I’ve gotten sick.  I’ve been injured.  I’ve had surgery.  I didn’t plan on any of this.

Things happen in a year.

Fella and I are no longer engaged.

This isn’t easy to share.  We have ended our relationship after two years, which were mostly wonderful.  We were happy together for a long time, but the relationship eventually just died.  No one did anything wrong.  No one is at fault.  Fella is an amazing person, and I wish nothing less than the most life has to offer him.

Today I went back to our old apartment to grab what was absolutely necessary to take to my friend’s house where I’m staying until I find a new place.  This was surreal and heartbreaking.  It’s odd how the most important thing I had to grab was my sewing machine.  As I walked in the door, I was greeted by a series of nasty knocks.  Knock #1 was seeing the sweet cat that Fella and I picked out at the shelter that was no longer mine.  Knock #2 was seeing all the art I had collected on the walls that I had painstakingly painted, as well as all sorts of other things that I couldn’t even take away with me, as I had nowhere to put it.  I picked up a wine glass (1 of 100) that we had printed with our names and our wedding date.  I threw it in the garbage.  I immediately felt guilty and placed it delicately into the recycling bin instead.

I’m not getting married anymore.

I have no place for my things.

I have no home.

I sat on what used to be our sofa drinking what was still was my beer out of what I think will end up being my pint glass.  It felt weird.  I felt like an interloper.  Like I shouldn’t be there anymore.  And I left.

I didn’t want to continue the blog.  I felt sad, drained, and tired.  Fortunately, I have wonderful friends that won’t let me quit.  Erin and Ken helped me carry my sewing stuff into their house and set up a temporary sewing studio in their office.  They let me be alone when I just couldn’t be sociable.  They didn’t even judge me when I ate a dinner comprised entirely of cookies and wine.

I didn’t have the heart to refashion anything for myself today, so I asked Erin and Ken if they had anything they’d like me to redo for them.  Erin pulled out this dress:

Day 241: Things Happen in a Year. 2
Too Big, meet Awkward Length! 🙂

The print is cute and the fabric is nice and drapey, but Erin wasn’t really feeling it as a dress.

I chopped off some length:

Day 241: Things Happen in a Year. 3

Then, I took in those sides.

Day 241: Things Happen in a Year. 4
Day 241: Things Happen in a Year. 5

I lopped off the extra fabric from the sides, and Erin slipped into her cute new top.

Day 241: Things Happen in a Year. 6
Max & Igor like it too!

Thanks for bearing with me today, friends.  Hopefully I’ll feel more upbeat tomorrow.


Day 242: Robe No More!
Day 240: Short & Sweet Dress