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Day 242: Robe No More!

Day 243: Feeling Spotty Dress
Day 241: Things Happen in a Year.

Wow.  Thank you to everyone who left such kind words yesterday.  I’m touched and overwhelmed.  Thank. You.

Today was tough…physically and emotionally.  I began the process of packing a bunch of my stuff into bins and loading it into my lil VW Cabriolet.  The physical labor part was actually comforting.  I spent the day mindlessly folding, sorting, stacking, and moving.  You really can’t fit much into a Cabriolet, by the way.  It took several trips to transport roughly 30% of my stuff…which is fine, as I don’t have a permanent abode just yet.  :/

When I got back to my temporary home, I dug through my “To Be Refashioned” Bin and came up with this robe-ish number.

Day 242: Robe No More! 2
It's actually quite a nice robe...
I’m definitely a bit down, but I haven’t reached the “hanging out in my robe all day” level of pathetic just yet.  🙂  I decided to turn this robe into a fun jacket!

Day 242: Robe No More! 3
First a chop!
Day 242: Robe No More! 4
Then a Hem!
I turned that bottom scrap into a pretty head scarf.  It’s all a bit more matchy-matchy than I usually like, but I think it works!  🙂

Day 242: Robe No More! 5
Robe No More!
I like how my new jacket is longer in the front than it is in the back!

Day 242: Robe No More! 6
Once again, thanks to all of you for bearing with me in this really awkward time.  🙂


Day 243: Feeling Spotty Dress
Day 241: Things Happen in a Year.

12 thoughts on “Day 242: Robe No More!”

  1. Ive only watched for about a month,I really enjoy seeing the remakes. You are on an awesome adventure. You may not feel it right now,but good things will come your way.Somehow life happens and we seem lost at times- Reasons we will never know. Keep being Jillian ,there is just one of you. Beautiful & full of smiles ,unique -leaving an imprint on everyone that tunes in to your surprises. You just totally rock!

  2. Hey Jillian, Happy to see you back on the horse !!! Hopefully, the clouds will lift for you soon. Some words to live by: “Everything happens for a reason and what does not kill us makes us stronger”. Might be corny but it is true. Take care and keep on inspiring us ! Love the kimono jacket !!! Claudia.

  3. I love the fabric! Such a cute jacket, and I love what you did with it. Great job!! I think Ali is on the money with the mindless activity reference. Sometimes it’s the only thing that keeps us sane. Hope today is a little easier. {{hugs}}

  4. This is right on the money with the kimono-type jackets that are all over the place for spring – so the timing is PERFECT Jillian. Looks very cute and I’m glad you found some mindless stuff to keep your mind off your troubles. As I am reminded from the families at Ronald McDonald House (where I work) there is always someone that has more troubles than you – so if you have your health, you’re more than half-way there. Keep smiling and keep refashioning! 🙂 Hugs Ali

  5. I am soooo… glad to see you on this day 240th. Can not wait until it show up to my facebook, but looking directly to your blog. Glad to see you really really… ^+^


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