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Day 248: Nomadic Top

Day 249: Day 55 Revisted!
Day 247: Busy Day Dress

Whew!  My new nomadic lifestyle has presented some interesting challenges, which has led me to do a few no-sew refashions.  Don’t fret!  There’s plenty of sewing coming up, I promise!

Today, I started with a pretty blah polyester dress.

Pretty colors, but meh!
Pretty colors, meh!

I cut it into 3 pieces.

Day 248: Nomadic Top 1
Uno! Dos! Tres! 🙂

I’m saving that bottom scrap so I can turn it into a skirt later.  I turned my new top backwards, so I now have a V-neck.  I used the middle scrap to tighten the waist of my new top!  🙂  I settled in to watch The Walking Dead with a tasty glass of Pinot!

Day 248: Nomadic Top 2
Zombies & Me & the Vino makes three tonight!

Once again, pardon the lack of sewing going on.  I promise to wow you later, okay?  🙂


Day 249: Day 55 Revisted!
Day 247: Busy Day Dress

8 thoughts on “Day 248: Nomadic Top”

  1. Do you know what? I think the way use your (fabulous!) accessories in creative and different ways IS refashioning – I don’t think it has to be about drastically changing a garment at all. (Disclaimer: I would say that as I have NO sewing skills, but lots of scarves and belts…). I would be interested to see some of the garments with different accessories to see how dramatically you can change an outfit with no sewing required.

  2. Don’t worry darling. Your refashion top is really cute and I am, probably along with a lot of people are amazed with your tenacity. Hang in there! You’re doing great! We love you!


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