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Day 25: Brunchtime Delight Top

Day 26: A Most Practical Bolero
Day 24: Viva Las Vegas Dress

Today’s top began as a skirt that at first glance looked perfectly fine.  I mean, it was way too big for me, but the print was awesome and there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with it.

Day 25: Brunchtime Delight Top 2
...just a big ol' skirt, right?

WRONG!!!  When I turned the skirt inside-out to begin working on it, I saw something hideous.  I didn’t photograph it, for fear of traumatizing you, my tender reader.  It was the nastiest frikkin stain I have ever seen.  I wash everything before I work with it, but yet this stain was still there.  I want to hunt down the person who donated this biohazard to Revente’s Last Call and find a way to hurt them in the way they have hurt me. There are some things that once seen, you can’t unsee.  This stain was one of those things. 

I hurriedly chopped off the lining and threw it in the outside garbage bin.  I didn’t even want it in my house.  Then, I washed my hands…many times.  Then I washed the now  liningless skirt a couple of times.  The stain was only on the lining…but dude…it was nasty.

Confident that my skirt was now safe, I put it on my dress form and pinned it down the back where I would be taking it in.  I decided to make it into a top.

I ran it through my machine.

Day 25: Brunchtime Delight Top 3

Then, I chopped off the excess material and put it back on my dress form.  I had a couple of straps I snipped off a dress that sadly had no hope of being refashioned, as it was just too damaged.

Day 25: Brunchtime Delight Top 4

I pinned them to my new top.  🙂

Day 25: Brunchtime Delight Top 5
Strapped and Secure!

Then, I sewed them in place.

I tossed my new top on over a pair of jeans and headed to Virtu for a tasty brunch with some fabulous friends!

Day 25: Brunchtime Delight Top 6
A sweet summer top!
Day 25: Brunchtime Delight Top 7
Day 25: Brunchtime Delight Top 8
Erin and I seriously made them regret their "bottomless mimosa" deal.
Day 25: Brunchtime Delight Top 9


Day 26: A Most Practical Bolero
Day 24: Viva Las Vegas Dress

8 thoughts on “Day 25: Brunchtime Delight Top”

  1. Love this top— found your blog a few weeks ago, working my way through each and every post…just moved and my mom shipped my sewing machine today to me, my fingers are itching!! Think I’ll be starting in my own closet and freshening up my wardrobe.
    Your blog reminds me of a friend of mine– she takes things from the thrift store and refashions them– very talented, you should visit her blog:

    Have a good night!

    • Yay! I’m so happy you’re getting your sewing machine! I really like that blog you referenced (just wish she’d post more!). 🙂 I shared it with the ReFashionista fb and twitter followers! 🙂

  2. Props to you for not chunking it entirely when you found the stain. I prob would have done just that because I am so squeamish. It is a great print. Glad you saved it.

  3. That turned out SO cute but I wonder how it felt to wear it knowing what you knew! Way to go for refashioning something that was destined for the heap!

  4. Eek to the stain (why do people not sort this out before donating) but well done to you for persevering as the print was gorgeous. Think you deserved those Mimosas at the end!


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