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Day 254: Happy Birthday to Me! Dyed Silk Jumpsuit-to-Dress Refashion

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Happy Birthday to meeeeeee!  🙂  Today, I hit the big 3-0! 

I needed something fun to wear for what I hoped would end up being a delightful evening. 

Unfortunately, all I could find on my refashion rack was this sad stained jumpsuit!  :/

refashionista dyed silk jumpsuit to dress refashion before
Oh dear.

Time for a Jumpsuit-to-Dress Refashion. While I’m at it, I think I’ll dye it as well!

The previous owner had obviously pulled a Jillian and damaged one of the legs!

stained jumpsuit leg
Tripping and falling…not just for Jillians anymore! 🙂

Yikes!  This was going to need a lot of work!

First, I needed to take care of that completely blah lack of color!  I tossed the jumpsuit into a nice, hot dye bath.

box of rit denim blue dye
A blue hue will certainly do!

After the bath, I unpicked the crotch.  This jumpsuit was about to become a cute & sassy dress.  🙂

unpicking crotch of jumpsuit
Pick! Pick! Pick!

I put the jumpsuit on my dress form and pinned down my new front and back seams for what would be my new dress.

pinned front crotch of jumpsuit on dress form

While I planned on shortening my dress, I still pinned it all the way down. This is because it’s difficult to tell exactly how short it should be at this point.

Always better to start off too long than too short as you can always cut more away, but adding fabric back on is much more challenging.

I stitched my new seams down and then took in the sides.

This meant completely removing the side pockets. I KNOW…I didn’t want to do it either, but they ruined the lines of the dress.

sewing side of dress

I was so close to being done!  🙂 

I wanted my new dress to be a cute cocktail number, so I hacked off a good bit of the length, after trying it on and marking where I wanted it to end with a safety pin.

cutting off bottom of dress

Then I gave it a new hem. 

hemming bottom of dress

I tried my dress on, and realized that I hated that netting at the top.  Off it went!

The top of the dress was fitted enough to stay up on it’s own without it, otherwise this wouldn’t have worked.

cutting off top netting of dress
Snippy Snippy!

I have to admit, I’m really quite proud of how I managed to save this one!  🙂

refashionista dyed silk jumpsuit to dress refashion after

Sadly, I completely forgot to take any after pics while I was out and about!  🙁  Don’t fret!  I had a marvelous evening!  🙂

refashionista dyed silk jumpsuit to dress refashion selfie
Aging like a fine wine! 😉

Oh!  Some of you might be interested to see the label on this freebie…

Phllip Lim Label
Phillip Flipping Lim!!!!!!  Eeeeeee!


refashionista dyed silk jumpsuit to dress refashion before and after

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