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Day 260: Cutting it Off Top

Day 261: Happy St. Pat's!
Day 259: Seeing Red Dress

Egads.  Today was tough, friends.

People don’t always behave honorably (or even sanely) when they feel hurt.  :/ It’s much easier to flip out/act out than it is to just keep breathing and treat others with dignity and respect.  These are character defining moments that can lead others (me) to completely reevaluate what kind of person you (he) are (is).

It was time to get the hell out of my old house.  My Plan 9 costumes were almost done, and things were getting weird.  My pals whose house I’ll be renting when they move out in a couple of weeks graciously told me to just start moving in already.  🙂

So today’s refash was quick.  I started off with this 90’s 3rd grade teacher dress.

Day 260: Cutting it Off Top 2
Ms. Coomer, I thinking of you.

I grabbed my scissors and made a big chop!

Day 260: Cutting it Off Top 3
Cut. It. Off.

And yes, that’s it.  Because I didn’t have the time or my sewing machine on hand.  :/

Buuuut, my new top looks really cute!  🙂

Day 260: Cutting it Off Top 4
Temporary new backdrop!

Okay, so this refashion really isn’t impressive at all, so I’m going to attempt to placate you with another sneak peek of my costumes for Plan 9 From Outer Space!  🙂

Day 260: Cutting it Off Top 5
...and this ain't even all of em! (Photo by Chris Bickel)


Day 261: Happy St. Pat's!
Day 259: Seeing Red Dress

10 thoughts on “Day 260: Cutting it Off Top”

  1. So much talent in such a little wisp of a lady! As others have mentioned, you are wise beyond your years and a source of inspiration for the rest of us who are not quite as enlightened yet! Thanks for all the incredible refashion tutorials/ideas … you are AMAZING! Enjoy your new pad!

  2. Just curious…what are you going to do with the skirt part of thie dress? Will you use it in another project or just toss?

    Just curious..

  3. sooo you refashioned [or sewed] all those costumes while continuing your 365 project while going through a break up and moving? holy crap girl.


    and the top is really cute

  4. My dear, you rock! sorry you’ve had to re-evaluate the person he is, but like the others have said, much better to find it out now. You really are amazing to try to get in a refashion everyday. I get the why, I don’t get the how! Your awesome!! The costumes look fabulous by the way. Great job!

  5. Jillian, girlfriend, your second paragraph did not just blow me away, it also describes an interaction (nice word) I had with a long-term ‘guy friend’ just last week. I get why he is acting that way, but I don’t have to like it or take it. Like JoAnn, I am impressed and happy for you that you have that figured out so young. And you are gorgeous, talented, and inspiring besides!
    We are all sticking by you through your break-up, move, and costuming – how do you do it?! No apologies or excuses needed. Be good to yourself and we will wait. You rock!

  6. Your second paragraph resonates with me. It’s the most mind blowing process isn’t it?? You’re lucky to see this now vs. 23 years later as I have.

    As for your refash…the fact that you still put your 365 day mission on your list of “to do’s” is commendable. It’s the only way to get through every day. Grab yourself by your bootstraps…pull ’em up and just keep movin’.

    Love your blog and I check in every day! I look at ugly clothes completely differently now. Thank you!


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