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Day 259: Seeing Red Dress

Day 260: Cutting it Off Top
Day 258: Ashes of Roses: Refashioning a Thrift Store Dress

Oy.  Keeping up with this blog is getting tough, friends.  I’m officially in the “I can’t find anything!”  stage of the packing process.  I’m tired and cranky, and this dress wasn’t helping my mood.

Day 259: Seeing Red Dress 2

I made a big ol’ cut off the bottom…

Day 259: Seeing Red Dress 3

Then I gave my dress a new hem!

Day 259: Seeing Red Dress 4
Pin-terest. 😉
Day 259: Seeing Red Dress 5
Stitchin a hem!

I sewed that bottom piece into a sash (totally shocking and unexpected, I know!).

Day 259: Seeing Red Dress 6
Lady in Reeeeed!

Do you like my brooch?  It was my Grandmother’s.  I absolutely love it!

Day 259: Seeing Red Dress 7
Call me Scarlet. 🙂

Let me apologize for the erratic times/days of my posting as of late.  Things are kind of weird right now, and I’m living between 3 different places.  I’m eager to be settled into my new digs already.  Part of me just wishes I could fast forward to two weeks from now where everything will be normal and I won’t have to feel awkward and uncomfortable all the time.  But I’m also glad I’m going through all of this weird stuff.  I’m happy to see that when the sh*t hits the fan, I don’t fall to pieces.  These past couple of weeks have been important, as they’ve been a test of my character, patience, and grace.  And it’s a test I’m passing…with flying colors.  🙂


Day 260: Cutting it Off Top
Day 258: Ashes of Roses: Refashioning a Thrift Store Dress

15 thoughts on “Day 259: Seeing Red Dress”

  1. You are truly inspiring – not just your creativity, but your attitude towards the situation you now find yourself in. You should be proud of yourself. I love today’s dress, and your granny’s broach is awesome!

  2. Hey girl -you are doing a wonderful job of getting through this difficult time – with flying colors. Having gone through some pretty difficult times as well, I can definitely assure you that things will get better – they always do! As they say – stop looking behind you at the foot that kicked your behind and instead look forward to where that foot is kicking you to! Hooray for you – two weeks will be gone in a flash! And – love your granny’s broach!

  3. Dress, brooch, and hair all are gorgeous. Bravo on keeping it all together so well. My dad always says, “This too shall pass.” Hang in there.

  4. It is not only a test of you, it is also shows who your true friends are……..those who stand by you when times are tough…..are gems………you will get through this, and I agree, love your hair in these pics..

  5. Two weeks will be over in a flash. And I am not at all surprised you are finding out just how strong you are. And as you so rightly say, this is all important stuff. And you’re still managing to refashion! What a girl!

  6. An expression my grandmother used to use goes something like “Women are like tea bags (ok, not a pretty analogy, I know!)..put them in hot water and see just how strong they become”! Love the refashion and go easy on yourself…

  7. Yes, when bad things happen, it always is a test of OUR character. How we treat OTHERS in the time of our crisis is dependent on whether mama raised us with character or without. Great job hanging in there and indulging all of us with your mad sewing skills! Two weeks, come quickly! I am looking forward to seeing a new background and wondering what it will be!

  8. Hurrah for passing the test with flying colors ! (I am teacher, I love tests !) You are a strong woman indeed ! I can’t wait to see your new digs though 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration and may the force be with ya !


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